Sunday, March 24, 2013

Passover y'all

Passover y'all!  I'm going to a seder Monday night.  It's fun because it's all non-religious Jews just cracking jokes. The hand puppets representing the 7 plagues are my favorite part.  Or wait, is it ten? I don't remember.  There are little hand puppets that represent lice, boils, etc.  Plus, Scott has to wear a yarmulke! That's something I wait all year to see.

Spring Break y'all! I rolled up to see Spring Breakers in a White Cadillac with JC, which is pretty much the best way to go see it.  I think it does capture the early 20s Zeitgeist (for the little I know about that), at least the really empty parts of it.  It just occurred to me that there's not really any texting, etc., which is not realistic.  It's typical Harmony Korine, for good and bad.  Franco is awesome and the girls are not given a lot to do except walk around in bikinis. Gucci Mane turns in a very lackluster performance.  The ATL twins however, will probably be the first twins to win a single Oscar, since they do everything together.

I guess one of the women is Korine's wife. She looks like a teenager but she's 26.  I also found out he was born in Bolinas, which explains a lot.  

Franco's character is supposedly based on Riff Raff, this rapper that Harmony Korine hangs out with.  I don't know this guys deal (besides the fact that he often hangs out with a boa constrictor), but he seems pretty rad in this Nardwuar interview.

Were you guys out in Midtown this weekend? I've always thought the people bitching about too many bars, etc., were alarmists but do you think we are in danger of Midtown truly starting to suck?  It's so overrun. smiller had a weird confrontation with a bro fucking with him out of nowhere because he didn't know where "club 21" was.  Is that even a thing?


Anonymous said...

But if you're still loaded when they take your mug shot, it's HELLA FUNNY.


wburg said...

I know everyone's sick of my damn Bill Burg historical parallels, but one of the main excuses used to demolish the "West End" was that there were too many bars (like over 200) and too much crime (after a couple decades of basically ignoring the neighborhood), so the best solution was to knock a bunch of it over and build a shiny new arena (sorry, mall) so people from the suburbs would come visit, because people from the suburbs are more important than people who live downtown.

beckler said...

It would be one thing if these people could handle their liquor (and would actually have a designated driver). They're clearly amateur drinkers. I don't even mean that in the sense that I am some kind of badass with a super high tolerance. I mean that that I just tell myself I'm going to have two drinks and I stick to it. Maybe one cocktail and then a beer. If you can get into Hook and Ladder now that it's so packed, I recommend a cocktail (can't remember the name) that has rye, bitters, sweet vermouth and some rosemary thing. It's one of the draught cocktails but I asked that the bartender make it fresh because a draught cocktail is a stupid idea. Then top it off with a Berryessa Cali Common beer and chat with a friend. Then go home and fall asleep at 730. Friday night!

Anonymous said...

I was running with my dog yesterday on N Street near 18th. It was about 7PM. There were these two drunk guys in front of me, totally based. They start making fun of my dog and me, and, as I passed, one guy trips on the steps of an apartment and face plants! Looked like it really hurt. Anyway, his buddy started running after me while laughing. He ran for nearly a block then gave up; not sure if he was mocking me or actually wanted to catch me or whatever. Anyway, fucking ridiculous drunk white bros!

I went to H&L for dinner on Friday, too, but at 9PM. Didn't walk home after, though, but probably would have had Amy not had her car. Stupid that we have to debate whether it's smart to walk home or not ... Apparently Josiah Humphreys was walking home from Press at 12:45PM to his apartment on P and 17. We've all done that dozens of times. Ugh.

Club 21 is gone, right; it's BarFly now, I think?


DJ Rick said...

Adriana Western looks like she'd be a real hoot to party with.

My captcha unscramble was anti-Semitic, so I will not share it.

Peej said...

Do we have any actual proof that Midtown is "worse" now than say ten years ago? As in is crime down or up?

peej said...

I remember you had to constantly worry about getting mugged back in 2003-2005 when there were no people out at night. Most of friends got mugged during that period and I almost did once. Wednesday at 10pm was like a ghost town without a soul out in the streets.

Anecdotal evidence I admit

beckler said...

I kinda don't care to pit different eras and how bad they were against each other. I feel like it turns into war stories of like, my neighborhood is/was less safe than yours. It's not really productive.

As a science-based person, I do wish we had better statistics because then I can more accurately judge my risk.

Nick here's the real question: how can your tiny-ass pug keep up with you? That face plant must have been satisfying to watch.

beckler said...

On a side note of my stuff about Spring Breakers that no one cares about except me, if you watch that thing on the ATL Twins, who I thought were rappers, but are not, they say they want to be on a reality show. The logical use for these disgusting twins is for them to get pumped on roids and join the WWE as heels.

Anonymous said...

The twins are fascinating.


beckler said...

I'm glad someone agrees!