Sunday, March 10, 2013


Saw Amour.  While it is masterful, I hope this swerve towards hyper-realism isn't Haneke's new thing.   Don't get me wrong, I love slow realism (I once enjoyed a three 1/2 hour movie of a middle-aged Belgian woman puttering around her apartment.), but I look to Haneke for a mindfuck. Cache and The Piano Teacher are still two of my favorites, and I will even forgive him for the remake of Funny Games (I like the original).  Anyway, it is the most intriguing thing out by far so go check it out before it's gone.  It was an intense experience to be crying and hearing people weeping along with me in the theater.  Aren't movies amazing?

Speaking of gone, what the heck is going on with the Crest? I am having a hard time figuring it out.  I know theaters 2 and 3 are not going to be showing new movies but what's going on with theater 1? This is the worst news!

Finally there was a good show in Sac! Fine Steps were really fun.  Matt R. is a great addition on bass and I could watch Kyle play the guitar forever. I would love to have him jamming inside my house all the time. Like, come downstairs for coffee, and there's Kyle playing guitar.

Yes, I'm posting on Sunday because I still don't know how this is gonna work with my new job as a professional Chop Buster in a lab coat with a clip board.  Starts tomorrow.


beckler said...
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beckler said...

Thank Jah my first day at the new job went well.

My plan to be the best dressed person at my job is going well. The bar is set verrrryyy low.

My next two weeks is mostly meetings. I love a good meeting. I love anything that makes me feel like an adult. I think it's a Gen X thing. We always feel like fake adults.

DaveNinja said...

Often I wonder if the adults when we were kids felt like they were 'fake adults' as well.

yolkie said...

I think everyone is faking it. Congratulations on the new job! I hope all goes well.

wburg said...

The main theater is used pretty much every day, just not always for movies--speaker series, presentations, bodybuilding contests, etcetera. The Bee, as usual, downplays any story that isn't about the Kings and the arena. Other things may be happening on the lower levels, they aren't just going dark.

Anonymous said...

So if everyone tears up at the end, should I bring a Haneke to cry in?


beckler said...

It might Huppert the situation? rough

Anonymous said...

some upcoming films at the crest
March 15th Brooklyn Castle
April 5th-7th On The Road
April 12th & 14th The House I Live In

The Crest is transitioning into an event we will only have limited runs on the films we show. Its pretty sad..but we will still have all our film festivals & other fun film events.

Mike c