Monday, April 17, 2006

amateur band night

OK, so in a bit today I will post my first interview in a really long time, and it's with a sacramento institution, Dave "the archbishop" "smith".

As for this weekend, the fools show on friday was fun. Lyme Regis played first and they struggled to overcome the echo for the first couple of songs but then the rest of the set sounded really good. Then, that Phil Spector band played and they were all cute little teens with lots of hair and the bass player's rocker dad was the singer. The novelty that they were so young sustained my attention (and they were pretty easy on the eyes which didn't hurt), but they played too loud and their songs all sounded similar. I'm sure their next band will be better. I'd never seen the mothballs before and they were really entertaining and it was fun to yell "meatballs" at them in that way that they say meatballs in the meatballs theme song. You know what I mean. The Bananas took the stage quite late (after midnight) and I can confidently say that that is the most I have ever seen them fuck around during a set, and that is saying a lot. This was partially because Marie broke a string. I wished that I had a timer so that I could do some fucking around/playing statistics. Nevertheless they were cracking everyone up the whole time. But this kind of behavior is why they will never be a pro band and will never make it big. Headscratchingly, I heard their show the next night in the mission was packed and off the hook (including a cracked cymbal stand from too many kids piling on the stage). They must not care about whether a band is professional in the Bay Area.

Saturday I went to see Lonesome Jim at Tower. I sampled some coffeworks coffee and it was delicious! Lonesome Jim was directed by Steve Buscemi and I did not enjoy it as much as the first movie he directed, Trees Lounge. Casey Affleck played the lead rather than Buscemi (who is not in the movie at all) and Casey Affleck is no Steve Buscemi. He's no Ben Affleck, for that matter. Hell, he's no Marc Antony.

Sunday I really really planned on seeing Two Lane Blacktop at the Kabinet. I thought that I would just stop by Mike and Lisa and Mike's party for a little while. But they had kegs and jello shots and I ate too many ribs (best ribs ever) and smoked a Jbone and it just wasn't happening at that point. I swear I will go to the Kabinet every week when it gets warm, I swear!


Anonymous said...

I've only been to one Kabinet screening (Love Streams) and I'm already a fan of the setup. I plan on going every week. We're really lucky to have this resource!

- Patrone

Anonymous said...

Aw, shucks...


Anonymous said...

I second the review of the show in the manner of a dittohead, but will add the following comments:

Lyme Regis was amazing, which is a little ironic, because when they started, they were the epitome of a "fuck it" band, meaning, "fuck it, let's start a fucking band." I would have voted them Most Likely To Remain A Fuck It Band Like The Bananas. The middle bands were funny too. I liked The Kids, one of whom claimed to have never been called a "hair farmer," which I find hard to believe.

The Bananas are like our own Replacements, minus so many slow songs. (and money and drug problems) About the 'Mats, someone wrote that they were "the little engine that could, but didn't fuckin' feel like it."
I'd have to say that that sums the 'Nanas up perfectly.

Anonymous said...

Not that it matters, but the comment about the Bananas being like our own little Replacements were writ by an anonymous coward named "Ed".


Anonymous said...

We're totally a fuck-it band. Most every practice we look at each other & say "fuck it, we're brilliant!".


Anonymous said...

For the record, it was seven purple Peeps (in my mouth at once). I knew I was already in trouble at that point - then one of the gawkers exclaimed, "oh my god - he's foaming purple!" And that was pretty much the end of that experiment... purple foam and granulated sugar spewed and it was all over.

Anonymous said...

Hmm - I am pretty sure my last comment was s'posed to go under the Dave Smith interview thingy. Not sure what I or blogger did wrong, although I am blaming blogger and that's that.