Friday, April 14, 2006


This is a good Do in Vice. We saw an old guy in the town square in Maz that had the best style, too bad I don't have a digital. He had on some pale blue slip on vans, nice slacks, and a pale blue polo. It also gives some helpful style advice for those over 30. You have to rethink your style a bit once you hit 30. I know I have. I am trying a long hair experiment. I figure I better do it now before it all turns gray. If my hair is like my moms I just have a few more years. I also pretty much stick to my self-imposed no knee sock rule. And I am stocking up on caftans and flowy shirts for my old age.


Anonymous said...

the best Vice magazine DON'T of all time was this dude with an anarchy "A" patch on his jacket. The patch was sewn on upside down, and the caption said, "Even anarchy has too many rules for this dude."

ACK said...

I am doing the same "long hair" experiment. I figure my hair won't grow past a certain age. I want to be one of those old ladies that just keeps winding their endless hair into one big bun every morning. Why do women all feel the need to chop it all off at age 40?

Anonymous said...

I can only speak for myself, but I chopped mine off to cut down on the shower time. It was getting to the point where I hated to take a shower at all. Now I'm in and out in a flash!


Stephen Glass said...

Connie, don't be a shower-hater. Only filthy Humboldt County Hummer-driving, bad-tipping, blowhard pot growers are allowed to do that.

beckler said...

i think a lot of ladies get thinning and/or coarse textured hair after a certain age. so combine that with the pain of taking care of long hair and ladies all chop it off. and short hair looks better under a red hat. and it gives them more time to watch matlock. and read humor in uniform in the readers digest. and make sure they get to denny's before five. and other unfair, ageist jokes.

Anonymous said...

becky we should compare looks seen on vacation,
I am currently pretty into the looks of Puerto Rico.
a few things to remember
fellas chains on the beach is a big go.
and ladies no one is too fat for a bikkini.

I agree wholeheartedly.
Actually it was pretty rad to get out with the other big ladies on the beach.


DJ Rick said...

When I see a woman with long hair in advanced middle age or later years, I just go ahead assume that she's had a rad life and possesses an amazing spirit.

beckler said...

the beach fashion was the opposite in mazatlan. there, no woman was too fine to completely cover up on the beach. me and smiller would jokingly say girls were sluts if their tank top strap would slip to reveal a bare shoulder. not to their faces, of course.