Monday, May 01, 2006


Fuck, I'm busy today. Bananas rocked the L.A. area and pretty much demolished San Pedro (the link is to a pedro blog, san pedrans have hella city pride). The show at Harold's Place was off the chain, for real. Harold's place is this biker-y bar that gave the band tons of beer and were just generally cool. In fact, Bananas fans drink so much beer that the bar actually ran out! They went on a beer run and ran out of that too. On the flickr page where I found this picture, this was the caption:

Harold's Place is a bar on Pacific between 19th & 20th Streets in San Pedro. Recently the owner was arrested on federal firearms charges (he had an arsenal of guns, and a pile of crystal meth, too), but the place stays open. It has become the center of punk activity in San Pedro.

The kids in San Pedro (and Anaheim) totally rule and we stayed at one of their houses. Aahh, sleeping on the kitchen floor under a table, just like old times. The next morning we were all a sorry sight but Mike R. Mike rallied us with an underwear clad version of "I like that old time rock and roll" which he sang into a knife. The Bananas were to rock the Smell on saturday, in downtown L.A. so we packed up our stuff pretty early and drove to Willy and Ella's charming cottage in Tujunga. A day of jamming commenced, interrupted only by a nature walk on which Heather caught a horny toad, and culminating in the ultimate jam "smoke two joints". There was also some torta eating and some thrifting. I have raised the bar for everyone by purchasing a leather cape/poncho, which means that I have to go on the next Poinsettia trip because it is the only place in the world where wearing something like that would be completely appropriate.

The Smell left a bad taste in my mouth. The show STARTED at 11:30. The line-up had this ridic Welsh band on it that played forever. I missed most of it because I was at a bar but was told that the phrase "shit stained breasts" was contained within the lyrics (great, I can't wait till I start getting google hits for that phrase). The Bananas played at 1:30 and the band and crowd (most of whom had seen them last night) were deliriously tired. Whoever set up that show was a dumbass, but the Bananas valiantly attempted to rock and did a pretty good job.


Anonymous said...

One of the bands on that bill consisted of a dude wailing one note on a kazoo into the microphone, as loudly as possible and flexing his exposed bicep while another dude played electonic sounds on his laptop real loud behind him. I think this was the Welsh dudes. I made it about 10 seconds before going back out to the alley.


werenotdeep said...

Wow. I wish I could have gone down for that. That would have been a fun roadtrip weekend. Plus, LA is pretty nice this time of year.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun! I found out recently that Willy and Ella also go by "Willa and Elly" if it's late enough and you've had enough beer!

Hey Becky: I want to send you a flyer for the Lootenanny. How should I do that?


beckler said...

already blogged! i'm on that poinsettia list so I saw it.

Unknown said...

i think the Bananas always make Sac proud.