Tuesday, May 16, 2006

happy birthday, kabinet!

Although the crappy Bee redesign made it really hard to find, here's that article on the HQ/Kabinet. Too bad I get quoted using the word "cute". Oh well, I guess it's inevitable because I only use about five adjectives to describe everything. I'm glad I had a hand in an uptick in attendance. Just wait until I start selling beers at the thing. If you want to see what I look like, scroll down to the picture all the way at the bottom, I'm in it. I would post it but I have already spent too much on legal fees this year, what with the libel suit that Kev has filed against me and all.

I'll remind you later this week, but here's a press release on the saturday event from J.

Hi folks

A little more than a year ago, the Sacramento Poetry Center realized that they would need to leave their then-current digs at the Ballet Center sooner than expected. At the same time, six local artists were eager to find a venue to display their diverse works. Meanwhile, I was growing frustrated with the scant choices available to Sacramento cinephiles...

Along with Jim Anderson of the Short Center Repertory Theatre, we all went out on a limb and decided to try an unusual experiment: to create a multi-use, multi disciplinary, shared art space.

It's now May 2006, and HQ has been going strong for a little more than a year now, with growing audiences -- and growing attention from the local media (hopefully, you all saw the very generous article in today's Scene section of the Bee, written by Rachel Leibrock, with photos by Kevin German!) And we're every bit as excited about offering movie screenings every Sunday, poetry readings every Monday, and gallery hours every Saturday and Sunday afternoon as we were when we opened our doors more than 12 months ago. The Short Center Rep is sadly no longer with us, but HQ continues to be a vibrant and unique space for art in Sacramento!

So I hope you'll join us this Saturday, May 20th, as we celebrate our first anniversary at 25th and R. In addition to the current exhibit of works by Asylum Gallery's artists, we've got a stellar line-up of local poets, musicians, and filmmakers for your entertainment:-

CRAWDAD NELSON, INDIGO MOOR, and ROBBIE GROSSKLAUS will astound you with their eloquent recitations...-

ADRIAN BOURGEOIS and BOB STANLEY & MARY ZEPPA will channel the Music of the Spheres for your listening enjoyment...

- plus the world premiere of a short film by BOB MORICZ, Sacramento's most outre auteur!

And who knows? There may be a few more surprises come Saturday. So please be our guests -- oh, did I mention the event is free? -- for this celebration of Sacramento talent and HQ's first year in existence! Food and libations will be served, and a splendid time is guaranteed for all...

Take care -- and see you Saturday!

J.- - - - - - - - - - -
Saturday, May 20th ~ 8-10pm
A celebration of...HQ: Headquarters for the Arts'One-Year Anniversary!
1719 25th Street(Corner of 25th & R)
Midtown Sacramento


Anonymous said...

Wow, you weren't kidding about the redesign making it hard to find that article. I checked the site, including Rachel's own page, a couple of times yesterday and assumed they just hadn't gotten around to posting it yet. Thanks for finding and posting the link.

Oh, and for the record, I really wish they'd used another photo of me (or better yet, none at all)...


beckler said...

you look much less like a stiff wax mannequin in person. or like you have sciatica. well, a little less. i kid!

Anonymous said...

fantastic! i can't wait to start visiting Kabinet more.....