Wednesday, May 31, 2006


The meeting went well but the charter is not done quite yet. Mayor White had the ridiculous idea that we may actually want to make sure that it's well written and coherent before we accept it. We'll be working on that online in the discussion group, and trying to hoist a website directly after the charter is done. Our next meeting is set for same time and place on June 13th. We have some good ideas about where to go next but we don't want to talk to the press or schedule and larger meetings until we have a solid charter and a web site to refer people to. The minutes from the meeting are up on the yahoo group.

I have been doing a little writing on the side for the monthly rag midtown/downtown monthly and land park monthly (they're basically the same but with different covers) and they are out on newstands around town now. The Land Park one has the Taylor's Market guy and a cool article. The other one has some River Cat and is not as cool. My review of Birriera Bugambilias is in there, as well as some delicious-sounding recipes that I collected from three local chefs from La Bonne Soupe, Mulvaneys, and Mason's. This is a monthly paper that has been in existence for quite awhile, but now it has a new editor who has improved it greatly in his short tenure. I have high hopes for it and some new projects lined up already for next month's issue. So pick up a copy and let me know if anyone makes any of the recipes. I plan to make all three.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the writing gig. That's great.
I will watch for those papers.