Tuesday, May 23, 2006

hey jay o.!

It's looking like we're going to have a pretty sizeable crew for the first meeting of our awesome alliance (AA) (JK). There is still time if you'd like to attend so email me at heckasac@yahoo.com and if you can't come we'll add you to our email list.

Second order of business, Jay O., I'd like to interview you for this here blog. Your comments are infinitely amusing and I'd like to know what you're up to in Japan and what you think about sac, in the past and now. So email me at that address, too, unless you'd rather just stick to your comments, which is OK too.


Anonymous said...

Ask him about his belly button funk. It's somethin' else.

Anonymous said...

No, it wasn't belly button funk. It was butt rash.


Anonymous said...

heckasac--here is my email>>> jonyskin1@yahoo.com
so everybody can email me...

Anonymous said...

No, trust me on this one, it was most definitely belly button funk. There is no room for doubt on this one.

Anonymous said...

Jay, i'll email you.

fyi, you don't really know me. but i'm from Sac. and i'm probably moving to Japan sooner than later.

so, yea.