Friday, May 05, 2006


I finally had to delete the entire post that had the Brian Peppers as Pope John Paul thing cuz I was still getting about a hundred hits a day for it even though the picture link was dead. But I was checking my search terms again to make sure it was gone and I noticed I got some funny ones. Here goes:

chirpa chirpa cheep cheep
montezuma's revenge burning stomach
luba hegre forest (luba!)
history of gentleman's clubs
slang+ shine me on
trashy tara (we know which tara they're looking for)
viggo tail (finally, someone else has noticed viggo mortenson's vestigial tail!)
break up a sixer at BevMo
baby opossums
rum ron vicaro


Anonymous said...

"break up a sixer at BevMo"?!


leon said...

Hey. That could be a 4 eyes song!

Anonymous said...

Totally! The version I'm hearing in my head is HARD!

-bosworth's daughter

Stephen Glass said...

Baby opossums was me. Sorry. I feel shamed.

beckler said...

if i remember correctly that post talked about me stimulating their genitals with a q-tip, so i can understand the prurient appeal.