Thursday, May 25, 2006

Country Teasers

There's a show this saturday at Delta of Venus that I've heard a certain person express his interest in. I was looking around to see what their deal is and I found this review of a Country Teasers album on Pitchfork. Ouch. Any defenders? And yes, I could just ask Scott about this but I prefer to communicate with him through my blog.


Anonymous said...

They're kinda like the Earl Sauce of bands.


Anonymous said...

i like Country Teasers. hate to use the f-word, but they sound kinda like the Fall. noisy sloppy songs built around simple catchy guitar- &/or bass-lines with distorted vocals that are more spoken or chanted than sung. the stream-of-consciousness-y lyrics don't seem to have quite the wit that some of the Fall stuff does, but then it's difficult to make 'em out. i'm guessing live it will be practically impossible to hear the words.

Anonymous said...

forget to mention that they do have more singing-style vocals than the Fall has ever had, and more traditional folk-style song structures sometimes, too. okay.

Anonymous said...

When I saw them, a lot of people were taken aback by the sick sense of humor and the Nazi allusions. I think they're great, though.

- Patrone

Anonymous said...

What's with this Hank IV thing? Is that some sort of laugh at the redneck ironic name? Coz I can't get behind that.