Friday, May 26, 2006

best spam ever!

today I got a spam from "the clitoris" with the subject line "hi" but then when I opened the email it was just for lowering my monthly rent. what the hell?

Tofu House review (9243 Folsom). Take 50 to south Watt and exit, and on your way to the restaurant you pass a few other places that also look intriguing, such as a combo Korean/Japanese place. Tofu House is a bland little place in a stripmall that is home to Mr. Bling Bling, Diamond Dog grooming center, and Asia Supermarket, which was closed. First the server brought out a ton of little appetizer items (there must be a Korean name for all the stuff you get to start). There was kimchee, bean sprout salad, a really good potato one, cold asparagus stalks with a BBQ-like sauce (I like this one a lot), tiny, tiny whole shrimp (and I do mean tiny, like a half inch long) instead of the standard tiny whole fish, and best of all to me, one I've never seen before that had some unidentifiable yellow strips of stuff mixed with bits of hot dog!.

We had five people and were ordering family style, so we got to sample quite a few items.
GW had had the spareribs before and recommended them. They arrived on a sizzling plate, a medium-sized pile of meat with a few onions underneath. The meat was salty and very tasty, although the tenderness varied from piece to piece. This was the best entree we had. We also got a scallion pancake because the delicious one from Korea House was fresh in all our minds. They only had a seafood scallion one on the menu here so we got it. It was grossly undercooked, really gummy inside. I picked at it a lot because I was hungry but it was pretty nasty. It had these pink, rubbery "seafood" strips in it and in the middle of the night last night I realized I had no idea what they were. I couldn't sleep and that's the kind of thing I think about. Well, that and cancer. Get the pancake at Korea House but avoid the one here.

As K.W. mentioned there is a section on the menu for tofu dishes and they are like soups that come in a sizzling pot filled with broth and silken tofu that comes with a raw egg for you to crack in. We got the pork one. Once the egg cooks a bit you pour it over your rice. This was pretty bland and the pork was a bit unpleasant tasting. We also got the bi bim bob, and we spent the extra buck to get it hot pot style (my favorite style). It arrived sizzling and colorful, with another raw egg on top. I ate some but I can't tell you what it tasted like because nothing stands out. The best part was the crispy rice layer on the bottom. All in all this wasn't such a great meal, but I still want to try the dumplings entree, and the spareribs are worth a return trip. Split up this entire meal was 13 bucks including tax and a generous tip. Maybe some of the others who came with me would like to offer their opinion?


Anonymous said...

Well, I guess if you're monthly rent was lower, you could afford to spend some extra cash at Kiss N' Tell...?

At least, that would be my logic. If I was a clitoris, that is. :)

- S

Anonymous said...

your. not you're.

I was so busy cracking my own self up I forgot the rules of grammar.

- S

Anonymous said...

you pretty much summed it up.
Last night as I fell asleep I thought over the texture of the seafood strips in the pancake and felt a bit grossed out all over again. Those ribs were so good that I would go back for them and to try something else.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, the ribs are delicious. I think the pancakes could have been pretty good if they were cooked thoroughly, although DP disagrees and thinks there's nothing redeemable about them. The bi bim bob was fairly tasty once enough sauce was squirted on. The tofu could use some more flavor, it's pretty bland. Not the best meal in the world, but plenty of food and the little appetizers are always good. -GW