Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Barbecue Review

The new wine bar 58 degrees I believe is now open, although may not yet have had their grand opening. I checked out the menu and it's pretty boring, but I want to peruse their wine list in person. The prices seem ok, plenty of glasses in the under ten dollar range. And before anyone gets too stressed about it being a chain, yes, it is a chain, but it is only their third place in existence, which puts it on about the crepeville level (low amount of evil). I hope to swing by their tonight and quaff a glass.

Some of you who were in attendance may be wondering how I will rate Miss B's sunday barbecue and I would like to give it 10 thumbs up. The meat cavalcade started around 4:00, with a burger that was made of (I think) hamburger, lamb, and Italian sausage, with onion bits inside the patty. Amazing. Star magazines were leafed through and sangria was consumed as we conjured metaphors for Tara Reid's stomach (someone said something about a wave machine). A person formerly near and dear to me expressed a fondness for Kristin Cavalleri. Hazel tried valiantly to kill a raging kitten to protect us all. I started in on a bottle of rose. Oysters began to come off the grill and I sustained second-degree oyster burns from not being able to wait. Things get a little fuzzier as it starts to get dark. Ribs emerged and were quickly scarfed down. At some point the party moved into the house and now memories emerge from the darkness in fits and starts. GW busted the Roger Rabbit and the running man. I opened a bottle of prosecco I found in the fridge and it was gone within seconds, consumed by who, I could not tell you. Lamb was fallen upon by the ravenous crowd. Margaritas were mentioned and I grabbed a nearby hammer and started hammering on the table chanting "margaritas margaritas" which thankfully were not forthcoming. Then the danger level was heightened as Miss B's liquor cabinet was breached. Exotic liquors from all corners of the world (via Corti's) were uncorked and passed around. I suggested forcefully that we adjourn to the playground across the street in southside park. This is a wonderful yet terrible idea at this point. I'm on the spinny thing and I step off and manage to stumble away from all the padding around the equipment to the cold, hard sidewalk and promptly crash into it. Luckily I mostly fall onto my back and only hit my head a little bit. I limp home, caftan soiled. The next day, against all odds, I felt pretty good and I hope everyone else did, too.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear about the soiled caftan. Bad luck.


Anonymous said...

bad luck indeed!

for me missing the caftan!

fun was had only blocks away, a whole nother crowd.

thoug, i missed you guys truth be told.

Anonymous said...

I work there now for a second job. Its cool, more like a bar than a restaurant. 3 other locations in Arizona founded by two guys, one who is from Sacramento. Im sure Hoa Viet has many more locations. There are only 6 employees. I don't know how I'm going to be able to talk about 58 glasses of wine that constantly rotate in and out. Its very affordable, although I did request some higher end wines by the glass to be added to the other 58. They are bringing me Jordan cab by the glass. The store has a bottle of Rustico prosecco that is 14 bucks, less with my 20 percent off discount! I've bought 3 already. You'll like the selection, tons of pink wines, french whites and Spanish reds. All the food is finger food, boring yes, but good. Great charcuterie and artisan cheese plates and killer steak panini. Chef is still testing the limits with the owner as to how far he can push it. There is like one or two people in the kitchen. The country pate is from Rolle, the breads from the Bread Store and New Roma and some of the desserts from Ginger. Check it out, its not there to WOW, but rather to accommodate Oh ya, there are Hoegaarden pints for 4.50. Soft opening now, being most of us got hired on a Thursday and we opened that Friday. Grand opening this Friday. Its cool.

beckler said...

that does sound rad. that's great that they're buying all that local stuff. i looked over the menu really quickly but i guess as long as they do that stuff well it should be worth it. i'm planning on going really soon, but we didn't make it last night.

Anonymous said...

It does sound like a good place to drink wine. I think I was just worried that because it was a chain, it would feel too sterile, but it sounds like it'll feel more local than that. I'm excited to have some Rolle country pate! And wine!