Monday, September 18, 2006

Centro and Taka

Capital public radio had a report on local sushi chef Taka Watanabe, who is an interesting guy.

After reading Mike Dunne's new review of Centro I wanted to give it another try so GW and I went last night. He notes that they finally decided to start giving free chips after twelve years of customer complaints. I agree that this was a good decision because this town has an abundance of super cheap Mexican food and if they want you to pay three times as much they can throw you a few free chips for God's sake. I always order the same thing when I go there (the grilled squid salad and some tortilla soup) but this time I decided to branch out. They have a taco/burrito combo deal that I had never noticed before that is a good deal by the price standards of this restaurant. It's 10.25 for any combo of burrito and taco from a list that includes fish tacos, shrimp tacos, carnitas, chicken, and a few tasty burritos that I can't remember (you know what, as I was typing this I looked at the menu on the internet and this is indeed a new things for them to offer) and it comes with rice and beans. You have your choice of three types of beans, whole black, refried and some kind of whole bean with bacon bits that I got cuz heaven forbid I could eat a menu without bacon. Looking at the menu changes I think they must be consciously changing the menu to make it a better deal. You got so much food with this combo that GW and I were remarking that you could just order two burritos and two people could split it at prices approaching Los Jarritos. I'd probably feel sorry for the waiter if I do this but that won't really stop me. Anyways they have tons of expensive drinks (including the drunk-making fruit infusions) to pad the check.

I'd also like to recommend The Black Dahlia, but only for fans of vintage Brian De Palma. Or fans of seeing Scarlett Johanssen stuffed into ill-fitting bras.


Anonymous said...

I cut on Centro a lot because we end up eating there often for work crap. It's actually not that bad if you can get over the annoying crowd that can congregate there sometimes. Their food always tastes fresh and props to them for using real mexican cheeses instead of shredded cheddar or jack.


Stephen Glass said...

Vintage De Palma? Like 1961's "660124: The Story of an IBM Card?" Because that was one sweet flick.

beckler said...

smartass! no, more like vintage de palma like i swear it's not as bad as snake eyes.

Stephen Glass said...

I am shocked, ma'am -- no one in my entire life has ever, ever accused me of being a smartass.
It'd be hard to be worse or duller than "Snake Eyes;" as long as it was in the vein of anything he made generally before "Body Double" I'd be happy. Plus I find the fact that it was shot almost entirely in Bulgaria fascinating.
And forget S-Jo in the bras -- I want to see Rose McGowan as an Egyptian slave gurl.

beckler said...

girl is lookin tore up

Dani said...

"Dressed to Kill" is such an amazing film. They just don't make great, subtly creepy films like that any more. It seems like the genres of suspense and action are being blurred more and more. I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed this new film. I figure if I hate it, at least I can go back and read the book which was really quite good.

Anonymous said...

Look! A comment!