Tuesday, September 05, 2006

the death of the earl

I also had another superb meal at Mason's on sunday. They are doing some wonderful things with tomatoes there right now and you should go if you can. My favorite things were an amazing cold golden tomato soup with dungeness crap (a lot) and avocado. Another delicious dish is the salmon tartare.

This link comes from Guphy, it's a cap radio piece on a local restaurant being revitalized right out of business. So that makes at least two, this place and Earl of Sandwich, that have been driven out of business by rising rents. I wonder what's going on with Joe Sun right now.


Anonymous said...

Sad story about Tex Mex. I never did make it there. I'm glad someone with an outlet is paying attention to this kinda crap.


beckler said...

Another nice thing about the dinner at mason's is that they now have a decent barbera d'asti on the menu for 22 bucks a bottle!! that's insanely low for such a fancy place.