Friday, September 01, 2006

Olipom message

via writegrrl blog:

A message from Olivia/Olipom, via MySpace:

OLIPOMFLATSPOT!! Come by some shit to support!!
OLIPOMFLATSPOT!! Come by some shit to support!!

So we are doing okay, but are starting to really feel the loss of those daily Olipom sales. We've moved a bunch of goods into Flatspot and will be open for business today. If you want to help PLEASE COME BY TODAY AND BUY SOMETHING LITTLE! I feel bad just taking donations, I will get an insurance settlement eventually, but that doesn't help me pay my bills right now, you know.


Smitty said...

I'm glad Olivia is doing okay, but the upstairs people lost it all. Although Charlie said he found a guitar and most of a cocktail shaker in the wreckage.

I don't have contact info for the other couple, but I'd like to give 'em all a Target gift card.

If anyone has contact info or wants to donate, let me know. smitty AT nokilli DOT com

writegrrrl said...

tonight's show at Old I (Chelsea Wolfe, Bridges, Two Sheds) is a benefit for everyone (not just Olipom).

Anonymous said...

hey, i spoke to Olivia last night!

she's getting ready for the new shop to open. it will be right next to Flatspot.

still, go support them at Flatspot til it opens, but it sounds like things are working out well.

Anonymous said...

please come by lush tommaro night. we are having a cut-a-thon benefit for olipom. cute hair for a good cause..