Thursday, September 07, 2006

sad summer

I told you and now it's official. The New York Times agrees that there have been no good summer hits. I totally agree with this except that they neglected to mention "Blow the Whistle" by Too Short, which should have been the hit of the summer. That album must be out now.


beckler said...

I just got hits for "cameltoe contest" "Patrone's day spa" and best of all "getting stoned in Missoula"

leon said...

no summer jamz!

Anonymous said...

What about gnarls???

Anonymous said...

woah! blow the whistle should have been a summer hit? did you really say that? have you actually listened to the song without your fingers in your ears? i guess i'm just not as hyphy as you are.

in a contest of dropping names this song deserves mention but it's definately no summer hit.

93 rappers
2 singers
10 comedians
Ball and G
Dave Chappelle

is that it Too $hort?

beckler said...

Your opinion don't carry much weight without your name to back it up. If you don't like this song then you must not like Too Short, in which case I would not expect you to like it. Who cares that he drops names? The lyrics are still a cut above because I think they're funny. Great hook, standard good Too Short lyrics=good song.

Anonymous said...

Just answer the question. Have you, or have you not, listened to the song without your fingers in your ears?


beckler said...

You know very well that due to a childhood accident my fingers are permanently lodged in my ears and it is just cruel to taunt me about it. That's why I like this song so much, the shrill blowing of the whistle is the only sound that can penetrate my muffled cocoon.