Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bananas fans

Bananas fans
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Anonymous said...

The kids are loving it!

I just remembered that pin a go go is this weekend.

Anonymous said...

The Portuguese Festa is Sunday, 10:30 am, at the Portuguese Hall, across the green bridge from the town of Freeport, on the Yolo side. Cross the bridge and turn right, pass St. Joseph's church and keep going til you get to the Hall, the friendly firemen will direct you to a parking space in the field.

I will be running the weird booth where you win stuff by unrolling little squares of paper, along with my mother and whoever else wants to help.

There will be a parade, and some catholic school marching bands of questionable ability.

Soupas will be eaten, and they will be hecka good.


beckler said...

I'll put a post up top about these events tomorrow so no one will miss them.

Josh Nice said...

And people don't forget that catholic school marching bands of questionable ability made some of the greatest records of the 1970's.

Fuck I wish I could go to the Portuguese Festa in Freeport!*

*Today's installment of the "Fuck I wish I could go to" daily series