Friday, May 02, 2008

crazy informative blog

Oh yeah, I've been meaning to link to this AMAZINGGGIGGIGNG Sacramento-based food blog. This guy hunts, he fishes, he grows, he cooks, he makes his own fucking olives, for Gods sake! This blog made me feel bad about myself for about a day, if that tells you how good it is (well, that's really not that hard to do, I guess). This guy also writes for Edible Sacramento, and their spring issue is out. I don't have a copy yet.


Jeff M. said...

Good catch, this blog is not on the ipsosacto watch list.

wburg said...

My mom used to make our own olives when we lived in Carmichael; there were a bunch of untended olive trees near our apartment that we'd harvest and can. I can still taste them--intense, dried Sicilian olives with plenty of salt. I kind of want to plant an olive tree, just so I can complete my transition into a little old Italian man.

Beth said...

My mom used to cure olives, too. We had two trees and they produced enough for her to make multiple kinds of olives, so we always had vats of them all over the kitchen.

Of course my parents were crazy back-to-the-earth people when I was little so we also had a freezer full of meat with names on it. (Like "Rusty: hamburger, 4/24/82.")

wburg said...

Beth's horror stories about growing up among crazy back-to-the-earth people helped talk me out of becoming one--I'm more of a mind to simply carry on my family tradition of urban gardening, making stuff from scratch and being a total cheapskate. I'm definitely digging the above-mentioned weblog link and taking mental notes about stuff to try.

Anonymous said...

This guys writing is always the among the best in Edible Sac. Thanks for hooking us up with the blog!

While we're on the subject of olives, there is an ENORMOUS orchard right in my little burb of the Garden of the Gods, behind Whole Foods. If any of you have kids, the Maddox Park playground is built within the orchard, which could make a very pleasant afternoon. I've never collected the olives, but now I'm thinking I should take advantage of them.


Anonymous said...

Dude! Nar's new tracks are SMOKING HOT!!!

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-- Patrone