Wednesday, May 14, 2008

too busy to smile

This picture from the Zelda's website is awesome! Man, that is one sassy website. Their motto is: Order ahead, sit down, and be grateful! In the "tips for dinning" ( that spelling is one of my pet peeves) they say that they are "often too busy to smile".

This news of a serial stabber in Del Paso Heights is terrifying. I will avoid Del Paso until this guy is caught, I think. The people of Del Paso need to go all Nightstalker on his ass and chase him down.

KJ clarifies his stance on Sac being more like Phoenix.
They have a basketball arena AND a baseball arena downtown there. Sweet!


Heather K. said...

This picture makes me want Zelda's pizza RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!


Dude, that stabber is terrifying. A women who was stabbed was interviewed on the news last night. She was holding her 2 year old when she was stabbed. The guy stabs people FROM HIS BIKE! The weirdest part is that he stabbed her near this tumor she didn't know she had in her lung. So, it was a good/bad thing to happen. Otherwise, they wouldn't have found the tumor.

Creepy none-the-less. This guy better be caught asap!!

Dan said...

on the lighter side...damn that picture reminds me of what I keep going to Zelda, no matter how bad they treat me.

Anonymous said...

now whenever i look at those pizzas i keep thinking about stabbed tumors. -Ed C.

Billy Sardell said...

I know I'm in the minority here, but that picture gives me an automatic stomach ache. Deep dish pizza makes my stomach feel like it's been sucker punched with dough and cheese. Wish there was a Pizza Antica or similar thin-crust place downtown. Anyone been to Una Pizza Napoletana in NYC?

beckler said...

Yeah, I definitely moderate my zelda's intake to two pieces, and I like thin crust, too.

dennis nedry said...

hey billy sardell, somebody on posted this place but it isn't open yet, masullo pizza

Charles said...

Remember this classic Knock Knock hit:

"Zelda's doesn't know yet...we went to last last weekend...."

Papa Murphy

Liv Moe said...

Will this become the Zelda's debate 08? Look at that it rhymes!!!

I've been to Una Pizza Napoletana and it was indeed super good but I think Zelda's is equally good but in a different way. I think Zelda's is one of those things you either have a taste for or you don't.

Anonymous said...

my favorite from the website is the




beckler said...

no! i'm going to nip the zeldas debate in the bud. no debate! verboten! nix, nein, etc.

werenotdeep said...

This is like nostalgia or something.

Count Mockula said...

Speaking of nostalgia, does the bike stabber remind anyone else of the bike puncher from a few years back? Ah, if only we could go back to the more innocent era of bike punching.

ned said...

or get them both together for a joust on DPB.