Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Nobody tell Janatalie about this. They might hurt themselves.


DB said...

When I was at the drive-in a couple of weeks ago, the lady selling glowsticks said that the guys who own the Sacramento 6 were going to try to resurrect the 49er Drive-In in North Sac. It's pretty much equidistant from midtown as the Sacramento 6, but I believe it was one-screen, so bummer city either way.

deeann said...

Yeah, I heard that a while back and it sucks. I wanted to see about getting a slice from one of the Sac 6 screens to fix up but someone told me it would just fall apart when removed.

db, that would be so cool if 49er reopened. It's a multi-screen but if I remember right not all were running towards the end.

Funniest comment on the Bee site so far:

"Good drive ins are nothing but places of perversions, minor drinking and sin of all kind. What happened to the one down by Mather and Folsom Blvd? Back in the 50's it was responsible for a population boom."

They forgot it was also a good way to see how many people you could fit in the the trunk.

Anonymous said...

we knew it was coming, It doesn't lessen the pain. I like the sound of this 49 deal. You can always trust the glow stick dealer.

I think we should try and see all the movies until it closes. Biz?


Liv Moe said...

my question is when will the 49'er flea be back?

deeann said...

Liv- Yes! That would be so damn cool.

Beckler, I tried to email you but it bounced so I sent ya a message on Yelp.

Anonymous said...

My favorite memory of the Sacramento 6 was my parents taking me and my brother to see "The Apple Dumpling Gang" with Don Knotts and during the movie turning around to watch "Piranha" out the back window of our '67 Impala wagon. My mom kept busting us and odering us to watch the G rated movie in front of us but we kept turning around to watch the soundless bloodbath! That was the great thing about the layout there: you could totally sneak peeks at boobs and blood when the folks weren't watching you.


beckler said...

I don't remember any particular movies, but I remember laying in the back of my dad's truck as we drove to the Marysville Drive-In(pretty far from Lincoln), so as to avoid cops seeing us. Now it seems amazing to me that my parents would allow us to ride in the back of a truck unsecured. And I remember the loop of songs that they played over the loudspeaker before the movie, each song usually playing twice, including the song "Sunny" by Bobby Hebb. That song has some really sweet lyrics and it always reminds me of warm summer nights.

Anonymous said...

that mather drive-in was called the thunderbird if anyone was wondering.-Ed C.

Anonymous said...

Noooooo is right! I hope you all are right about the 49er cause we love the drive-in in the summer. It's the best family date place aside from bowling. Speaking of which - I'm bummed that they took out the nice, round benches at Capitol Bowl and put in those stupid, high stools.

My favorite drive-in memory was seeing Dragonslayer and Return of the Jedi, and playing on the swings on a warm summer night. They just CAN'T take that away from Sac!


Anonymous said...

CAN you trust the glowstick lady? She was selling the sticks for $1, even though the bag she was carrying clearly had the "$1" crossed out and replaced with "50 cents". Of course, if the dream I had last year ever comes true, I will one day own my own one-screen drive-in, at which I will only show old movies and invite all of my friends. First movie: Nick Ray's "They Live By Night". Of course, the things I dream in my sleep rarely come true, evidenced by the fact that I have still never watched "New Jack City" with Wesley Snipes. And now he's going to prison - c'est la vie.