Tuesday, May 27, 2008

P.P.P. on saturday

So back to the daily business-

Tonight, there's a show at the Horse Cow. It's the two remaining bros from the Sun City Girls. Starts at 7:30. If you need to mapquest it, the address is 111 North Harbor Blvd, West Sac. It's ten bucks, but there's a film, too, and if you've never been out to the Horse Cow, it's like you're getting an admission to an art gallery included in that because of all the art cars and other assorted googaws, also, maybe you will see boobs and then it's a deal because you usually have to spend at least ten bucks at Embers to see those. J.K. about the boobs, I think.

Tomorrow, the fiery furnaces are playing Harlows. I know that there is really no way to compel anyone to see a show they don't want to go to, and I know that the way they remix and reorchestrate and medley up their songs bums some people out, but I find that they always surprise and delight. I just love this band so much! The Harlow's website says, variously, that the show starts at nine and ten. I really hope it's nine. If it's ten it is inexplicably starting one or two hours later than their shows usually start.

Neung Phak, who I hear are really good, are playing in Davis on friday.

But the BIG NEWS is the PURE POP PERFECTION show at the DAM House (530 E st. Davis) on SATURDAY. So Cow/No Bunny/English Singles. This show starts at SEVEN, it will start ON TIME for those of you who don't like to stay out late and it is DONATION for those of you who are cheap bastards, it's RIGHT ACROSS FROM THE CO-OP for you hippy types, and MICK MUCUS will probably be there for those in search of eye candy. It's pretty much something for everyone.

Also on saturday, Talk About Charles Production presents a yardsale that will have an acoustic soundtrack provided by Knock Knock and Jay "Biz" Baker. 21st and D. Bands play around 1130.


Heather K. said...

I think you're thinking of Mick's House. You have the address wrong- I'm not sure if the guys want their address up- but it's 503 e.

It's not right across from the Co-op, but it is close, only 2 blocks away.


Mr. Mick Mucus said...

Hi! Thanks for callin me "eye candy". I dont know if you were being sarcastic, but I'm going to believe that you weren't so I can have an awesome day! You kick ass! I'm gonna hafta start reading sometimes.