Friday, May 09, 2008

busking their hearts out

TGIF, dudes. Personally, I'm going to the movies on a big screen in West Sac tonight. I might maybe hit up the Old Soul BBQ again, because they are saying that your 8 bucks will buy you a "1/2 chicken" with greens and beans tonight. Not like I need a giant portion, but last time it was a rip. Mayfair started last night, goes through sunday. The whole earth festival is in Davis on saturday, too. Then saturday night is second saturday. Allen and Jay will be doing some busking on 20th and J street, so bring your nickels and pennies (in rolls please) to toss into their hats. The Pizzas will be playing outside Cuffs. Which place is that? I buy all my urban apparel elsewhere.


beckler said...

I just got around to reading the Bee article about the mayoral debate. KJ says the city he would most like sac to resemble is Phoenix????? Terrible.

Dani said...

Cuffs actually has a pretty great, albeit smaller, selection of vintage. Last summer I bought one of favorite dresses there. It's up on J in that little pocket of shops where Kimora Lee Simmons sells her stuff that's too classy for Macy's.

Anonymous said...

Yep, that was the deal breaker with KJ when he said he wanted Sac to look like Phoenix. Phoenix is like one giant Natomas with chain retaurants, chain stores, cookie cutter houses, and fat gross Americans as far as the eye can see. It is UGLY. Fargo for mayor i guess.

Anonymous said...

Wait isn't that Fargo's vision?

And where in America are you going where its not "fat gross americans" as far as the eye can see? France?

A little fat
a little gross
and not too far in between.

wburg said...

The fun line for me was where KJ argued that what we really need is an auto mall.

Anonymous said...

I'm voting for Shawn Eldridge. Maybe during the next four years we can convince wburg to run!

-H. Conway Esq

beckler said...

the rest of the mayoral candidates said they wanted sac to be like portland. no one said that they wanted sac to be like sac, which is so sac when you think about it. metasac!

Anonymous said...

dude, metasac? my mind is blown. that auto mall idea sounds crazy but it just might work. -Ed

Anonymous said...

according to this:

both Leonard Padilla and Muriel Strand said the city they most want Sacramento to be like is "Sacramento"


beckler said...

oh, really? that's rad! i was probably dozing off during the news 10 recap.

wburg said...

"Maybe during the next four years we can convince wburg to run!"

oh hell no. I'd want to replace the Jazz Festival in Old Sac with the Norcal Noisefest, and change the city anthem to "Chicken Pot Pie." Make Soriano do it!

--president, "Make Soriano Do It" Committee of Sacramento

Anonymous said...

I don't see any problem with those changes, wburg.



Liv Moe said...

i'm with ella!

bill burg for mayor!
bill burg for mayor!
bill burg for mayor!

chicken pot pie!
chicken pot pie!

Charles said...

Soriano for Mayor; WBurg for Vice Mayor.


Beth said...

Jesus. Can we write you in now, wburg? (I'm writing you in as Jetrock, though.) I just read that transcript of the candidates' forum and it made me want to cry. And move to Portland, where presumably they have politicians who aren't such huge dorks.

Anonymous said...

I like Sacramento. There I said it! I wish folks (cough KJ cough) would stop making comments about how we need to be something else. How 'bout packing up and moving there?

DJ Rick said...

To (from) the tune of "Chicken Pot Pie," Soriano to railyard developers: "Is this something I can trust? Is this shit full of rust?"

(If anyone's band ever covers that song, I will gladly fill in with my impression of Ed Hunter's backing vocals.)