Friday, May 16, 2008


This weekend's off the chain, its' runnin' through my brain I don't need no cocaine...uh sorry, just singing this in my head to the tune of "hey ya". You remember that song, right? What will the song of the summer be this summer, now that it's officially started? I am already getting mentally exhausted thinking about how many shows and other stuff are happening this summer. Did you know the ohsees are coming back here in july!?

Happy birthday to GW and Gballz!!!!!!

Pin-a-go-go starts today. Ten bucks, huh? When did they raise it from five? I guess I haven't been in a few years. It's gonna be really hot in that warehouse.

Portuguese festa on sunday, follow Ella's directions in the post below. There's a nice parade and then a luncheon.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday ladies.

Anonymous said...

Thanks anonymous!
g (ballz not w)

HK said...

Another event- In Woodland, Gearhead Records is having a record release party for their new country band, Hellbound Glory. I'll be working, too! 1-4pm. Live music, BBQ, turntable giveaway and fun fun fun in the sun sun sun.

Anonymous said...

Song of the summer is going to be that LES Artistes song by Santogold. That song is catchy as all get out.