Thursday, May 08, 2008

Movies on a big screen

I forgot to watch the debate because I was reading Gastronomica. I got a free copy at that event, and I should have grabbed all three issues that they had because just as I guessed, it's exorbitantly expensive. 47 bucks for four issues. Looks like I can read it free online on my university computer. Sweet! How was the debate? What did you think. I saw a clip on the news and Mayor Fargo looked pretty. Who's the guy in the Led Zep shirt?

Anyway, there's something else going on this weekend, it's something that goes on every friday, the screenings that Lurch and Deeann put on in West Sac at 4th and F. Starts at seven, five bucks, cheap. Here's the description of the one this friday. It's particularly relevant in light of the news about Sac 6:

Preserve Me A Seat

We don't remember a lot about our distant past, but we do remember our favorite movie theatre. "Preserve Me a Seat" is a documentary about these theatres and the ongoing fight to protect and preserve them for future generations. Featuring preservation efforts in Boston (The Gaiety Theatre), Detroit (The former Michigan Theatre), Chicago (The DuPage Theatre), Omaha (The Indian Hills Cinerama Theatre), and Salt Lake City (The Villa Theatre), "Preserve Me a Seat" will appeal to anyone who has cherished memories of seeing their favorite movies in a grand theatre, and who appreciates the unique architecture of movie theatres. Even more than that, however, the documentary explores a number of urban development issues particularly relevant to Sacramento in a number of ways (not just theaters): adaptive reuse, a lack of response by city governments to their constituency, the destruction of historic spaces for the sake of what are essentially urban lofts (high-end residential units, at least), and much more. There's also the irony that we, who move into a space and create a theater to the best of our ability, are showing this, rather than a beautiful (actual) theater.

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