Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bananas at the wedding

I have been too busy to post!  The Bananas played a wedding in San Pedro on Saturday, for Kid Kevin, one of their oldest and dearest fans/friends.  Pictures after the jump

 The wedding had a taco bar, and a banana as a favor at every table.  This is foreshadowing.
 Kid Kevin and his bride, Lil Larry made buttons for themselves and the bands.  I don't know any of us scored a Bananas button.  F.Y.P also played.

 The wedding was at a lodge in San Pedro for the I.O.R.M. or, gulp, the international order of the red man.  I had never heard of this organization before.  This is a painting of Pocahontas that was in the lady's room.  Woof!
 Here's a picture of some white people pretending to be Native Americans?  Year unknown.

 This guy, Raul, was saying that he's been a fan of the Bananas since he was 16.  He's 33 now.  There were also two 15 year old kids there who are big fans of the Bananas.  Mike was telling one of them that the Bananas were around for 5 years before the kid was even born and I cracked, "maybe they can play your wedding!".  15 year old boys don't like jokes about potential weddings.


 I wish I had more pictures! I'll look for some on FB (I found one online, see above.  The bride and groom are in the middle.)  I didn't even get a picture of the bride and groom.  The foreshadowing with the Bananas is that the combination of squashed bananas (as soon as The Bananas started playing they started flying through the air.  I got beaned in the head with one) and confetti stained the floor of the lodge.  I hope those two crazy kids got their deposit back!


beckler said...

p.s., since it's San Pedro, yes Mike Watt was at the wedding, but I did not see him. Scott said he was hanging out back, drinking whiskey, dropping some knowledge about San Pedro.

Anonymous said...

the building above the old postcards etc and ed's threads is an old improved order of red men lodge. there is still a sign or terra cotta plate outside, i can't remember exactly.


Anonymous said...

Request to set your camera on any other setting than the one it's on in these pictures!


DJ Rick said...

What I'd like to know (if anyone got Watt's number) is why is it pronounced 'San Pee-dro'?
Even Mexicans in SoCal get conditioned to say 'Pee-dro'!
Pedro Guerrero probably said 'Pee-dro'.