Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Friday at the crest

Thumbs up on Hunger Games! Not the most exciting action movie, but it's really good.

I had the best meal at Kru last night! The mixed seaweed salad is really good and healthful (is that the right way to use that word?), although way too big for one.  That I got chef's choice nigiri, which is what I usually do, and one of the pieces was this cute little gift piece topped with uni and pork belly.  I also got local sturgeon nigiri, which was topped with thin slices of red onion and sitting in a pool of chili oil.  MH got ankimo, monkfish liver, which is served on a big bowl of ice with three tiny, tart Japanese peaches on top.  Now that I say that it seems weird, they weren't plums, were they? I think she said peaches.  Anyway, top notch meal.

MOM and one of Charles' many bands, Rad, is playing at Axewave Manor tonight.  Early show, starts at 7pm.
How do I find this place?

Do you guys know about the screening of The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye at the Crest this Friday?  Here are the details.  I'm excited to see it.

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DJ Rick said...

Axewave Manor is 2426 33rd Street...a few blocks from the corner of Broadway and Alhambra.