Monday, March 19, 2012

handle yourselves

Holy crap did you guys venture out on St. Patrick's Day?  It was terrifying out there.  The town was taken over by sloppy, wasted zombies.  What the fuck is wrong with people? Handle yourself! There were cops everywhere and I'd love to know how many DUIs were handed out.  I'm pretty sure I saw one go down on J st.  I saw the cop turn his flashers on.

Woah, someone got killed right near McKinley Park on Sunday? I went for a walk around there yesterday and didn't see anything.  Well, I saw some crime tape but I thought it was from a car accident.

It's really starting to sink in about MidMo now.  Nothing else is going to come up for me, writing-wise.  I have a couple of things lined up for the SNR but they don't really need food-related stuff very often and I like writing that the best.  I don't feel like pitching other pubs.  Anybody got any ideas?


Anonymous said...

Would it even be feasible (in terms of time and hosting costs) to keep doing it as a web only publication? Maybe something like The Bold Italic?

HK said...

I feel bad about missing the SLA/English Singles show, but St. Paddy's day and the rain kept me home. I didn't want to get run over on my bike. Eek.

Anonymous said...

Ask yourself what aspect(s) of Midmo you'll miss the most.

It was a pretty magazine. Will you miss not being able to publish in an aesthetically pleasing package?

It seemed also like a labor of love for a number of people. Will you miss the collaborative aspect?

It paid. Will you miss the cash?

Was there something else?

Once you identify the thing you most regret losing, you may or may not be able to replace or substitute it with something else, but at the very least you will be able to grieve the loss.


Anonymous said...

BTW, I think you should keep publishing articles on the web, on a predictable schedule. Monthly or whatever. If you're providing value, it will find a niche in the local media eco-system. You may never make a dime, but if you attract enough eyeballs to your stories other pubs might start pitching to you.


DJ Rick said...

I spent all day SPD at Arco, er Power Balance Pavilion, watching the NorCal finals for high school basketball from 10am to 9:30pm. It's the third year in a row I've gone to see these games with an old friend, and it's a great time catching up, and it's usually more entertaining and even inspiring to watch these kids play at Arco rather than the Kings.

So, after nearly 12 hours of games, I was kinda too burnt to go see a show, even though I really wanted to go. Besides the stiffness from sitting in those seats all day, I needed to eat something other than arena food and the snacks I'd smuggled in with my bulging cargo shorts.

I can't remember how far back, but I recall that there was some talk about what corporate name might go on the new arena, and someone suggested Rite Aid. My friend comes up from Livermore to see these games with me, but he had a lot of questions about the new arena debacle, and finally asked "Who's gonna pay for naming right, d'ya think?"

I looked around at the banner-sized ads around at the suite level for some ideas, and the only one with a good ring to it...

Pizza Guys Pavilion

That would be a step up from Power Balance. At least you can call their product "effective" in some very basic and FTC-appeasing way.

beckler said...

"bulging cargo shorts: the rick ele story"

Anonymous said...

I heard was looking for a head editor

Anonymous said...

St. Patty`s day, I drank shochu and ate oden at a local watering hole here in the land of fire(hi no kuni).
This week, I gave notice to my current morning job that I won`t be returning. I have decided to do things that I truly enjoy to do. That still includes some teaching but those jobs have to apply by my rules.Ima,Jay san wa chotto wagamama desu yo.
8 years here is tough road to be on here in Nippon. The first couple were pretty intoxicated years but I have matured(hondo ni?).
What will be in future? Possibly a bagel/cafe shop. And ESL by git and song(yasashii eigo no lesson,ee ni).
Heckasac, I have always enjoyed your writing and I`m sure you find another positive outlet for it. As they would say in Japanese.
Becky san wa choi omoshiroi desu.Ganbatte yo!!!
duchands epict

beckler said...

Thanks J! Hopefully we can come visit you in the next couple of years!

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking last night that a campaign should be waged to make Beckler the restaurant reviewer for the Sac Bee. I have found BAR an objectionable reviewer since his first piece on the Grange in which he gave it 5 stars, despite the fact that it took more than 3 hours to get his entree, and he described the beet salad as "not your grandmother's beets" as if every restaurant in town wasn't already serving various tasty beet dishes. But his most recent piece on El Palmar was the straw for me. Who are these foodie dingbats he is attacking who are morally opposed to sour cream. This is the guy who criticized Rick Mahan for being not adventurous enough, and now he is flagellating a straw man opponent for not loving what he himself describes as mediocre food. Why is he even reviewing a popular family mexican restaurant in Carmichael? Will anyone eat or not eat at that resaurant based on that review? I really find him super annoying, and with the demise of MidMo I say Heckasac for the Sac Bee...

Anonymous said...

BAR is great and writes just about the only things worth reading in the Bee. The SN&R reviewer seems like a really nice guy, but his reviews serve no purpose for me - not entertaining enough to read just for that, not informative enough (or clear enough) to be useful.

Anonymous said...

They both maybe Heckasac has a shot.