Wednesday, March 07, 2012

dese nuts

I am  getting excited about the Beatles, er, Halloween show.  Me and some other ladies have a SECRET PLAN.

Have you noticed how expensive nuts are these days? It's crazy.  Nuts are a central feature of most salads I make, as well as the granola I eat every morning.  The price of nuts is too damn high! Gripe of the day.

Do you guys think I should have told Blueberry to go away? Poll at right.

I am going to Ella tonight! Stoked to see what vegetable wizardry Thiemann will pull off.   Make sure to buy the Lucky Peach that he's in, his part is really good.


beckler said...

No comment about the arena. I can't deal.

Anonymous said...

So excited for the show. I get to be a tolkienian dwarf and Annie Potts on the same night.

That is just awesome.


Liv Moe said...

I dunno Becks. I question the validity of this vote seeing as how Blueberry already pointed out that we're all used to agreeing with each other. By virtue of this I would think the first few votes will dictate the end result.... You know how we are.

Anonymous said...

Nuts are too expensive, but you're eating at Ella?

Anonymous said...

I'm just generally in favor of banning people. I don't even know what happened.


Anonymous said...

Don't second-guess yourself about telling me to go away. You were right. I was baiting people here.

I found it quite amusing. But it's your blog. If I was annoying you, deleting my posts is how you get rid of me.

Ultimately, online communities get to decide for themselves what's permissible speech. I don't buy the argument that you're violating free speech when you regulate your threads. That's why I made that comment about not feeding the trolls. People seemed to be getting a little snippy, and I felt a little guilty about making them mad. I'm not totally evil. I don't want to play with someone if they aren't enjoying it. I think a opposition and debate make better blogs. Look how long your comments threads were with me in them. But again, that's not my call to make.

Okay, I'm outta here seriously this time.


beckler said...

You're right, I should just not eat at Ella once a year and use that money to buy nuts. Then, I can turn around and sell the nuts at double the cost and I'll be able to eat at Ella.

DJ Rick said...

Blueberry, don't be so fulla yourself.

Comment threads are getting longer and longer because the new anagrammatic captchas are getting funner and funn(i)er.

To wit...
esshan icarys
(scary hessian)

beckler said...

p.s. I bought 30 dollars worth of nuts this morning at the Yolo Fruit Stand, but don't tell smiller because I'm supposed to be saving money.

Anonymous said...

Beatles better watch out, there is a whole other British invasion coming your way!

Anonymous said...

Two words for you limeys: ACKER BILK


Anonymous said...

$30 in nuts? You're supposed to be saving money!


beckler said...

A clue to the SECRET PLAN: the sol collective had better hire extra bobbies to staff this event

Liv Moe said...


Sacramento Punk Shows said...

$30 in nuts!?!?! you can get nuts way cheaper on craigslist

absolutely crazy the amount of pro arena stuff that took over my twitter feed last night (I think anything that mentioned Sacramento showed up -- I still don't really understand how twitter works). A general state of elation was in full effect

I like trolls they are fun and keep our bridges safe

Anonymous said...

Re: preserving Midtown Monthly.

Step 1.

Kickstarter to generate funds for a decent website. (Tip: Current MM website not quite up to snuff).

Step 2.

Organize writers, editors and photographers into a co-operative. Everyone should agree to take turns doing light editing gratis. One schmuck will probably get tasked with updating website, but as you will soon see this won't be a big deal.

Step 3.

Writers will take turns writing one feature story a month. No fluff, just the one really good article that you would have previously put on the cover. Charge a nominal fee (99 cents seems to be the fad) to download story onto various platforms (kindle, iPhones, etc). Photos will be super important to pitch story to customers on website.

Photographer and writer split all or lion share of profits. Or maybe you split profits evenly among the group.

This is (maybe) the future for longform journalism, and you could bring it to Sacramento, because you have the brand and talent pool. Writers/photographers wouldn't be doing any more work than already do, and the potential to make $250 per article is there.

What's stopping someone copy/paste story and emailing/facebooking it around? Obviously nothing, but people support NPR and the NY Times when they don't have to. At the very least, your fellow journalist at the Bee, SN&R, Sactown, Sac Mag (?), would pay to support you.

Anyway, food for thought.


Anonymous said...

Here's a mag that's doing 99 cent per article for science and tech.

Anonymous said...

gotta say the nuts complaint is a bit out of character. based on your usual posts it seems like you have plenty of cash to eat/drink/travel whatever whenever. maybe just make salad without nuts for awhile?

Anonymous said...

That was before nuts went up.