Friday, March 09, 2012

you oughtta know

Well, it's official.  The people have voted to bring blueberry back.  He's right, it certainly upped my blog hits.  For a couple of days there I was getting like 450 hits a day! And I don't know if you guys know this, but I've worked out this deal with blogger where I get ten dollars a hit, so let me just say I've built a tidy little nest egg in the last few weeks.  And let me also say that I have spend most of it on nuts.

You know what's going on this weekend.  I don't have to say a thing.


Anonymous said...

The people really want me back? or is this some kind of complicated sarcasm that I don't understand?

In any case, I can't play today. I'm too upset. I read about Houellebecq in the NYRB and Grimes in Pitchfork, and it's really knocked me sideways.

Am I just a penis with thesaurus or do I act this way because I want somebody to look into my eyes and tell me la la la la la?


Anonymous said...

the latter