Wednesday, March 21, 2012

sorry, Charlie

Wow, Pink Floyd is demolishing the competition.  I'm surprised OMF isn't stuffing the ballot box.  I really got nothin' to post besides that.  Unless you want me to talk to you about yoga or the movie Meek's Crossing.  Here's goes:
most hated pose: Hanuman or  possibly revolved half moon, anything revolved, really
thumbs up on Meek's Crossing.  It wasn't that boring. I get far more bored at a big, loud blockbuster than when watching a woman in a bonnet knead bread.  And if fit in perfectly with the Donner Party podcast I listened to recently.


beckler said...

smiller has a funny dream last night. he's going to get his taxes did today (which he usually does himself). that's the real part. the dream part is that he showed up with all this confusing extra paperwork to show the accountant and then realized that a lot of it was drawings of Jerry.

Anonymous said...

You wrote Crossing, but you meant Cutoff.


Cody said...

I may have listened to that same Donner podcast recently. I forgot how the whole thing was basically the fault of Hastings, who wrote a book with bad, unchecked directions. I also forgot about the most emo sounding thing in American History; The Forlorn Hope.

Anonymous said...

I keep voting for 'Wizard of Oz' but it keeps coming up as 'Pink Floyd' ... is Diebold running these machines?


Caroline said...

Where may I find this Donner party podcast?

Cody said...

Search Stuff You Should Know in iTunes and scroll down to how the Donner Party Worked.

The How Stuff Works Website doesn't make it very easy to find, but here's a direct link if you're not into iTunes.

At least that's the one I listened to.

beckler said...

yeah, stuff you should know can be super irritating, but once in a while it's good. don't listen to their chimps in research one. it's a pile of chimp doo.