Thursday, March 01, 2012

still knocking

I got nothin' today except a couple of links.

This is the guy I get my coffee from. He delivers it to my lab every week.  Looks like he's starting to deliver to Sac.  Contact him at if you are interested.  He delivers it in mason jars and you can choose the roast you want.  I think it's 13 bucks a mason jar, which lasts me and Scott a week drinking coffee at home every day.

This is the band I get my music from. The record is solid as a rock.


Anonymous said...

My browser wont let me read that article. it shows it for a second then jumps to a blank page. I'll have to try and find an actual paper version of the N&R. thats so 90s

Anonymous said...

The guy in the coffee grinder/roaster picture doing the peddaling read our wedding vows to us. Rusi.


Anonymous said...

No relation.