Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mariscos Mazatlan

Do you guys know about the SLA/English Singles show on Saturday at Luigis?  The Singles haven't played in forever!
 Dang! Look what Morant's has right now!  St. Patty's day sausages filled with potato, corned beef and cabbage.  I got a couple, and I got a big slab of brisket from Corti's.  Morant's is selling corned beef as well.  We're having it tonight. Psyched.
 I think Mariscos Mazatlan is criminally underrated.  I think it feels the most like chilling in Mazatlan of any place I've been outside of Maz.  This is a Mazatlan tostada.  It has shrimp, octopus and I think the dude said abalone.  It had hot salsa on it and strips of red onion, so quite different from the usual ceviche.
God they make a great torta.  Their bolillo is my favorite.It's small and they grill it perfectly.


beckler said...

omg, Skipper's issue of Lucky Peach #1 sold for 145 bucks! Why did I throw mine away? I stand by my judgement, though. It was ridiculously macho and bro-ish. As is the third one! The third one starts at with a transcription of a douchebaggy convo between three chefs (David Chang and I forget who else) and the very first line is a style of joke that I hate: straight dudes pretending to be gay by joking about spooning and cuddling.

Anonymous said...

Does the mariscos place have marlin?


beckler said...

I wish! No, I've never seen anyone outside of Maz offer Marlin dishes. I don't understand why, since it's delicious smoked and could obviously travel in that state.

beckler said...

In fact, last time my mom was here she smuggled in a big thing of it in her suitcase (no refrigeration) and it was delicious.

Anonymous said...

OK, I looked it up, marlin are legal to fish in California, but the best fishing areas (in CA) are the Catalina Islands, so I guess there just aren't many this far north.


Anonymous said...

For restaurants that serve food that is competitively priced (that is, above the bottom basement of fast-food chains), there does seem to be a correlation between how janky the establishment is and how good the food tastes.

Marisco Mazatlan is pretty janky. They serve everything on styrofoam plates, for example.

This suggests that restaurant owners are faced with a trade-off between buying good food/spending time preparing it and decorating the dining area/spending time maintaining it. (Taco trucks, btw, deal with this trade-off in an unique way by getting rid of the dining area altogether, which may be why they are so threatening to brick and mortar restaurants).

I'm not a adventurous eater by any means, but dumpy a restaurant doesn't phase me. However, I know a lot of people who are bothered by the appearance of "uncleanliness", and this may be the reason Mariscos Mazatlan doesn't get the love that it deserves.

I ate at Chapter and Moon in Fort Brag recently. The service was great, the food was pretty good, the decor was pleasant and the price was not outrageous (under $20 a plate). But the servings were very small.

Considering how easy it is for industrialized people to get fat, it would be nice if smaller portion size was a trade-off more people were willing to accept.


Anonymous said...

Another thing not in MMs favor is their mirrored/tinted windows. It's usually pretty full and, jank as it is, they have some cool art painted on the wall. But you don't know that until you go inside.


Anonymous said...

It looks much fancier than it used to. I might be wrong, but the first time I went to MM years back, it looked like a pretty run down shack on that corner. But, as per the rules of Franklin Mexican Food Countdown where you call out a number, say 7, and drive down Franklin, you eat at the 7th Mexican joint you see, we were obliged to eat at MM regardless.

Haven't had a bad meal there since.