Tuesday, July 23, 2013

good vibe beehive

 More fair report! I got not much else right now, but tomorrow there is a MOM/Vasas show at Press and I'll be doing a dj set. Hope I don't fuck it up too bad! It's been years. Luckily Scott has a setup where I can actually record from Spotify.

This is the sac county display. uh, sucks. more after the jump!
 waiting in line at the zipper
 inside the Glenn County exhibit. This is a giant beehive. Glen County won best in show and I voted for it in audience choice.
 beehive not giant turd
 Dusty camping and laying in the dirt as always

 look at those rockin' flamin' corndogs (for a limited time)
 zipper fear
 poorly spelled sno cone flavor sign.
 this is at Ike's in Nevada City.  Had never been there and it is awesome.  This is a tempeh ruben with a wild rice salad.
We should decorate one of the rooms of our house like this and hang crystals and make it the good vibe room


Anonymous said...

Ahahaha! Scott's face in that last one is awesome. Glenn County's display was absolutely the best. I should have headed back into its healing, positivity-filled beehive after going on the Turbo Force. Worst ride ever!

If you go back to Ike's, I'd highly recommend the "Back to Health" plate.


beckler said...

I definitely plan to go back it was the best place I've eaten around there

DJ Rick said...

I went on the first night and thought Glenn County was the best county display, too. Unusually psychedelic display. It sucks that only 23 of our 58 counties even bothered to make a display. No counties from the southern half of the state cared enough except for Inyo.

Anonymous said...

Ike's used to be so bad that it was like tweakers had broken into the restaurant and were cooking for unsuspecting guests. But that was when they were still trying to work that "Mardi Gras" angle. Imagine that, nor cal hippies trying to cook Cajun food without evidently ever having tasted Cajun food. Did you see Aimee?