Wednesday, July 03, 2013

share a brew

A couple of days ago in the sweltering evening Scott brought up the idea of Akebono. It was packed because I'm sure cooling sushi sounded good to everyone.  I got this sake which comes in a cute little can that you pour it out of.  It was delicious as all hell.  Also got the classic cold soba dish hiyashi chuka. Very refreshing.

DJ smiller is gonna be at Lowbrau tonight. They have moved the speakers and it now sounds great and is audible at a pleasant level inside.  Come share a beer.


Anonymous said...

what time does Scott start djing?

DJ Rick said...

Do you know what's going on with Town House? I just noticed that they took the signs off the building. I highly doubt they'll be put back. Bracing for repugnant Tuscanization. One of the best examples of vintage signage in Midtown is likely gone forever. Press Club just refreshed their sign with new red paint and freshly lettered plastic panels on the part that formerly revolved. They finally broke off the busted neon tubes. Looks professional, I guess, but rather milktoast.

Anonymous said...

I read somewhere else that there were was some sort of licensing issue that prevented them from using the name "Town House", which is why the letters came down.

beckler said...

I like the new Press sign. The font is good and Im' really surprised they didn't do some kind of tattoo of olde english font.

he starts at 530

Anonymous said...

How late does the reggae go tonight?

-The Neighbor

Anonymous said...

Rick- the new owners tore the sign down because they were too cheap to pay the lien on the Town House business name, and rather than just leave the sign up and call their bar something else, they opted to yank the sign so they wouldn't have problems with 'branding.' Un-fucking-believable.