Monday, July 15, 2013

picture post

Sometimes it gets really tiresome being not very technologically intelligent. Like right now. I had to go through a big rigamarole to get these photos and then they all uploaded willy nilly.  That's why it's so much easier to just post them to face book. Oh well. Photos after the jump!

 I know this isn't a beautiful photo but I again I roasted the perfect chicken with my perfect chicken recipe. This time with thyme and garlic stuffed in the cavity! mmm..the cavity
 oh look, from roasting a chicken to Red Hook, Brooklyn.  That's the statue of liberty in the background.  Red Hook seemed a'ight.  It's far from the train. My sister's roomate says it takes her 40 minutes on bike from Bushwick, which seems like a preferable way to get there. It was one million degrees.
 and now we're at the Saturday farmers market! Lavendar kombucha.
 My breakfast at LowBrau was really good.  I recommend the veggie scramble.
 Table full of Sac Treats at Bows.
 What, I was just at Bows and now I'm at the Guggenheim? Crazy! This is the lobby at the James Turrell exhibit, which is a crazy beautiful shape-shifting light installation thingy.  This lady groused at us about how we weren't supposed to take pictures, which is true, but I thought it was better that it was just of me and not of the exhibit. Suck it, lady!
 Do they serve tacoburgers at the Guggenheim? No! (not yet) only at Jimboy's! I kind of wish it was called a burger taco.
 I was reading about a cocktail the other day and realized I had the ingredients to make it happen. How often does that ever happen? Vermouth, soda water and angostura bitters. Great aperitif.
 Rootbeer float sno cone from Osaka Ya.  I was visiting for an Edible photo shoot
 Delicious zataar bread at Mogador, a Moroccan place in Williamsburg.  Moroccan brunch is an excellent idea.
 Shark playing at the Crocker
 Ryan's video installation inside the yurt at the Crocker
 Larry reminded me of Quan Nemh Nin Hoa the other day.  I love that place! They now offer other meats on the wrap thingies.  That's chicken in the forefront. In addition to the normal ground pork they also have bbq pork and deep fried fish cake. I want to try the fish cake
 This looks kind of gross but it's that delicious vinegary fermented pork sausage with a chili and garlic clove embedded in it.

 This guy was the best guy at the Crocker and he was totally into Shark
 Best Summer Ever Dylan
 I got this cocktail at Xixa in Brooklyn, which was only just ok.  It's mezcal, with a sugar cube made with brown sugar, orange peel and chilies. 
 herb boat at Quan Nemh, they give you a lot including shiso. I don't know the Vietnamese name for that.
 Archie comics are really not that funny.  Lil Archie is not worth reading.
 Sonny and the Sunsets on Saturday at This!
 We have this on a plate at our house. It's from when these dudes were in Brazil how many years ago? I have come pretty darn close to breaking this plate before so now it is preserved for all eternity just in case!
Osaka Ya. Tiger's blood is just fruit punch. I kind of wish I hadn't asked.


beckler said...

I am toying with the idea of giving jimboys five stars

Anonymous said...

the best guy at the crocker is my old landlord George! totally cool dude and you would not believe his vest collection. really good handyman too. funny you took a picture of him -

Ed C

DaveNinja said...

Of the "places I dont have to get out of the car to get food," Jimboys is 5 stars.
I stopped going to La Fiesta after finding, what looks kind of like, a .22 casing in my burrito/mouth and now Jim Boys has to pick up the slack.
Veggie Burrito when i'm feeling fat or a combo burrito when i dont care.

Anonymous said...

I can't remember the Vietnamese name for shiso either, but there is an English name for it: perilla.


beckler said...

That's so awesome you know that guy! His shirt was pretty transparent so a vest would have completed the look.

Combo burrito, eh? I don't know what it's a combo of but I'm eating there again tonight so I will check it out. I am def getting a carnitas taco. Anybody had the chile relleno yet?

Anonymous said...

I love how the Jimboys drive-in has a scenic route sign with the pelican on it.


Anonymous said...

the chile relleno can be quite good. but beware: it can also be bad. i speak from 29th/N experience only.

Scott Miller said...

I think Brazil was 2002? I'm currently wearing the same shoes as in that picture.

Scott Miller said...

No, 2001 - it was right after 9/11 so our tickets were like $400 round trip. Saw a few people in Bin Laden t-shirts & thought about how you'd get killed if you were wearing that in the US.

Totally going for the chile relleno.

beckler said...

maybe i will bring you a chile relleno tomorrow at lowbrau while you're djing? sounds like a good idea since you gotta be sick of the sausages by now. wait: let's put it on a sausage!! we can take a cue from busfield.

beckler said...

adk- i just noticed the sign after you pointed it out!it's at the beginning of the drive thru and it says "scenic drive .2 miles" pretty cute.

i am proud to say that I have spent 40 bucks at jimboy's in the last two days

dystopic eye monkey said...

What's the name of that vermouth cocktail?

beckler said...

I don't know if it has a name, it was in a Food and Wine article about some photogenic people who live in a treehouse in the summer.

Anonymous said...

grab those jboys groupons!