Thursday, July 11, 2013


I can't believe I didn't gloat about Gunther's trouncing of the competition in the Bee's tasting panel.  I usually don't forget to gloat about anything. I guess gloating implies that I had something to do with it.  Corti was on the tasting panel!

Verge/Crocker thing tonight! Very cool. 

I fell asleep at 630 last night! I think I was finally catching up on the sleep from NY.  I stayed up for 45 hours the night I flew in. I had to power through the jet lag to pack as much in as I could.

Here now I'll gloat about something I did do, which is interview Sonny Smith from Sonny and the Sunsets. He is a hero of mine.


beckler said...

I was just watching a video on a style website of Kim Gordon and I know that if the X Girl fashion line is remembered for anything at all it's for being Riot Grrl. It reminded me of when I made a pilgramage to the storeo on my first visit to NY at 19 and to my embarrassment and sadness found that they didn't even have a single piece of clothing or even a logo tshirt that was big enough for me. I was probably a size 12-14 at the time. So fuck x girl!

beckler said...

130 to replace my tire and stuff

DaveNinja said...


Anonymous said...

Was the video of an X-Girl fashion show done for MTV's house of style?! I just remembered that and I had to go re-watch it. Blast from the past!

P.S. Screw them because in the video Daisy is all about different body sizes and clearly they were not. I also remember browsing the racks of X-Girl at X-Large on Haight and the clothes being super expensive and not $60 or under. But back then to me, $60 was a fortune. Maybe I'm not remembering it right.


beckler said...

I honestly always thought it was ugly and still do. I just wanted a tshirt at the time, but even the logo was ugly. Notably, now that the kids are bringing back the 90s, they are making it look a lot better than shit like this.

Anonymous said...

fyi, Heckasac comes up with this URL in Bucharest:


Anonymous said...

You have made me something of a toasted almond ice cream addict ever since you brought that tub over. Last night we got a pint to bring home and I ate it with apes brandies cherries. So good!
Jam attack!