Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Couple quick videos for now:

Maria Bamford show, really really funny and poignant. The stuff about the nervous breakdown is for real. Her WTF is a must-listen

This song is so good


Cody Scott said...

I love Maria Bamford. I've seen her a few times and she never disappoints. I know she's one of Brandi's favorites too. Have you seen her new web show where she gives people advice as her mother? Pretty great.

Do you like Kyle Kinane? It's pretty exciting to me that he's performing at Sac Comedy Spot this weekend. I've never been there. It seems weird, but probably a little better than the Punchline?

beckler said...

I have never seen him, but I would go if I wasn't going to be out of town. Better than Punchline in the sense that is not a drunken douchebag haven, worse in the sense that I don't think people laugh as much as comedians want to hear.

undercover caterer said...

I love Kendrick Lamar! That lady's booty was scarily mesmerizing.

Anonymous said...

everybody cop the bamford special!


Anonymous said...

"we're taking a class on dryness."

fuck that made me laugh


Anonymous said...

"wanna decoupage anything?"

beckler said...

her sister is so good!