Tuesday, July 09, 2013

hack restaurant

I still can't mail my phone pictures to myself (meaning I have barely tried to figure it out besides messaging Rafter) so none of the eagerly anticipated NY pictures yet. It's annoying that I could just post them to fb but I will hold out. Course I could do that and then save them and then, nah.

So I will now review the new restaurant from the hack crew who brought you burgers and brew and crepeville: el toro bravo, a "mexican" restaurant in downtown davis, which means there are three of these places in a one-block radius. To sum it up: terrible. Fishy dry fish tacos, supposed Niman Ranch steak which was also super dry. Tasteless salsa, beans, and rice. I guess the veggie taco (with eggplant and peppers and stuff) was OK but I wouldn't order it again.

Saw Dave Attell in NY, saw him in Sac too, where he bombed. He phoned it in at the Comedy Cellar. He even kept a NY Post tucked under his arm the whole time. Not as an affectation but just because he was I don't know, putting in a quick ten minutes before he went to take a dump? SPeaking of comedy, does anyone out there love Todd Barry? I love him.

You should follow him on twitter. His website has this funny page: http://www.toddbarry.com/receipt_museum.html

omg, seriously read it and this is good too


this is blowing my mind, how did I not hear that Nic got in the Onion AV Club?



The Armeniac said...

That AV Club bit is pretty funny. I asked Nic if Weird Al version sof played out songs count as played out, he naturally said they still count, GRRR!!!

veriword:titymol, heh,heh

DJ Rick said...

We saw a comedy show in Portland last weekend. This guy named Ian Karmel was fantastic. The show was otherwise a lot of extremely "alt" comedians, and the audience was specifically there for that. This Karmel dude started talking about poop and sports and being fat, and people in the audience were looking around as if they were puzzled, but soon, they were looking around to see if their friends were laughing....and eventually, they all were laughing.

The guy was extremely relatable, but still intelligent. He's moving to L.A. now, so I guess his career begins in earnest now. I know I'll be watching for him anytime he tours.