Tuesday, July 16, 2013

it's mayo goddamnit

 Last of the NY pictures.  This is a fried green tomato dish from Diner in W'burg.  The Diner meal was one of the best I had.  It has tarragon mayo, which is also how Shady Lady serves it. Restaurants need to stop saying aioli when they mean mayo.
 Berrt scone with creme fraiche at Diner
 We were in Greenpoint and my sister had never had Polish food so I said let's look down the block for a Polish place. Since it's Greenpoint we had to go about 20 feet. She was decidedly not a fan of the bland, greasy food. The fried pierogis I thought were really good, but the steamed were grossly raw.
 Hot borscht! So good! I should make borscht this winter. I made the Unkrainian style once, which also is served hot with veggies.
 These potato pancakes were leaden and greasy.
 The delicious brunch at Mogador.  I added merguez.
 An insanely expensive lobster roll at Rockaway Beach. I am ashamed to say how much I paid but I was in full vacation mode. There were three measly pieces of lobster. I should have just gotten a weiner on the boardwalk.
 Our friend Sarah had this towel. When I saw it I had to inform her The Beat had just closed and she was very upset

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