Thursday, July 18, 2013

suck it and see you at the fair

This is what I like to call just plain dumb. For one thing it's a pet peeve of mine for people to joke about food poisoning in this way. I highly doubt the writer has actually gotten food poisoning at the fair or knows of anyone who has.  For second, of course they are regulated same as food trucks are.  It wouldn't be good pr to have a food poisoning outbreak, similar to the one at Mulvaney's recently (see it's not just cheap places). Three the food is of no lower quality than similarly junk-y food and there are quite a few family-owned places, even stuff like Thai, Mexican, and Middle Eastern.  You can eat healthy if you want, there's corn, poultry, falafel, and a really good giant baked potato with lots of fixin's.  I know it's fashionable to bag on the fair, but it is a real melting pot of all races and socioeconomic classes, all having fun.  So suck it! See you at the fair tonight!

I really don't think I have a chance in h-e-double-hockey=sticks of winning, but did you see I got a nomination in SNR? I'm not saying I'm the best local media "personality" (I like to think of myself as more of a "person" than a "personality" but hey) to have a beer with but I'm not not saying that I'm not the best person to have a beer with.  I feel like this category should have something to do with beer nerdery so do with that what you will Dan Barnes should be on the list as well.

Best local media personality to have a beer with
Nick Brunner, Capital Public Radio
Bethany Crouch, Fox 40
Isaac Gonzalez,
Walt Gray, 96.9 The Eagle
Edie Lambert, KCRA 3
Kurtis Ming, CBS 13
Grant Napear, Sports 1140 The Fan
Blair Anthony Robertson, The Sacramento Bee
Dale Schornack, News 10


beckler said...

I am kind of joking about how much offense I felt on the part of the fair so hopefully no feathers will be ruffled (but it is dumb)

The Armeniac said...

That's a silly article. we feel shitty from fair food because it's fair food, has a blooming onion ever left anyone feeling well?
I'll write in Barnes!!

Anonymous said...

Do people really get full fledged food poisoning that often? The way people talk about it it seems like its a common occurrence. I am only 100% totally sure about one time, and that was ikea soft serve. The other times I think I just ate too much/the food was greasy/The earth was rotating the sun etc.


beckler said...

I ate a blooming onion once (I think at Pyramid?) and it made me feel very sick

I think most people don't get true food poisoning, versus maybe just sting ring from spicy stuff, very often. I've had full blown once and I have eaten a lot of gnarly shit. As I've discussed on this blog many times, mine was from Nishiki. I remember that there was a lively debate that turned heated on whether it was norovirus or something else.

beckler said...

first time the source of my diarrhea was debated online, but maybe not the last

Anonymous said...

Isn't the thing with true food poisoning is it comes like 12-18 hours later or something? I got real effed up from something from Tower Cafe once, and when it's real food poisoning it's totally obvious that other things you thought were food poisoning weren't.

Ikea soft serve? Even frozen desserts aren't safe?


Cody Scott said...
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Anonymous said...

Hope that didn't sound like I didn't believe you, just that I'm really bummed that soft serve can give you food poisoning, cause I love that shit.


The Armeniac said...

I've had real food poisoning once, and countless food stupidings. Food poisoning is waaaaaay clear when it happens, vomiting everything, chills headache, shitstorms of watery shit.

Natalie Rose said...

Cody I was filled with disbelief too. But that was definitely the culprit. Not to worry I have eaten it again


Count Mockula said...

I got briefly hospitalized for food poisoning once (from Paesano's, I think, although it hasn't stopped me from going back). And yes, that's a quite different feeling than the one you get from drinking a $12 margarita and eating a slab of fried cheesecake.

DB said...

I'm voting Schornack!