Tuesday, May 23, 2006

the legend of viggo's tail grows

I just got a hit for "viggo tail". When will US magazine do an expose on this sexy star's tail? I also got a hit for paris benji hooter. Heckasac comes in number 1 and 2 on google, with the four eyes blog rounding it out at number three, and of course, nothing else on the internet containing this particular combo of words.

Heyamoto did a "review" of Elixer, the mystifying new place in my neighborhood. I want to check it out. I think it serves food, but she didn't mention that when she was talking about how much we enjoyed ourselves there.

The second annual Dad's Boil and Fry was a crazy scene when I got there saturday night after ten. It had been going on all day and some people had paid 25 bucks to get all you can eat food and beer, and they were definitely drinking all they could. The photos on that website from last year make it look much more wholesome than it was after the sun went down. It was fun watching tipsy ladies try to saunter sexily while they stumbled and spilled their beer. Pretty entertaining and I love that Dad's has their own super partying crowd. The cops showed up right at the end but they seemed like they were just there to supervise. Hopefully no tickets were issued because all the money went to a good cause.


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, her writing is so awful! And that bar really isn't much better.

I popped my head in there nearly a year ago, just to see if the inside of the place matched the giant, eyesore of a sign outside. Maybe they replaced the sign, but the last time I noticed it was a half-assed, spray-painted banner of ugly. It's not the worst bar in town, but the music was awful and the atmosphere was more annoying than "chill."

Anonymous said...

Damn, I wish I knew about Dad's Boil and Fry. I blame you, hecksac.

beckler said...

i didn't know about it myself until i was suddenly there and had taken a strange pill that caused me to twitch and itch for the next few hours. this was not provided with the all you can eat admission price.

i also forgot to tell you about the kdvs record swap, sorry.

Anonymous said...

You also forgot to remind folks about the Pin A Go Go in Dixon this past weekend. I too blame you, Heckasac.

Sacramento Appreciation Society of San Francisco

beckler said...

ahhhhhh!!! i missed it?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

You guys gotta check Undietacos for this info, man!


Anonymous said...

How much do you love titties and underage drinking? Cause that's what you're gonna get at Elixir. Don't get me wrong, it's a great break from Old I and the doorman is going to call you Honey or Sweetie or Baby no matter how old you are. Usually guys that call me names like that get kicked the nuts but for some reason it's funny at Elixir. It's important to be pretty wasted before you got to Elixir. Not that I ever am.

Miss B