Monday, May 22, 2006

think inside the box

I've noticed that if I let my posting slide a little bit it starts to seem pointless to do it. Maybe that should tell me something.

nah, anyways, first on the agenda, Soriano is painting over all that historical crap at the loft and taking down the fliers, etc. Does anyone want to take pictures to preserve this piece of sac history? I hope so. I don't even own a camera so I'm not it. If you want to do it, email him to arrange a time

OK, next, that meeting is tomorrow and there is still time to email me at to find out where. I think we'll have a pretty good crew, we'll see. We (the founding members) want us to have a very narrow focus. We would like to focus on nurturing small independent business in the downtown area. We'd like to keep out any more chains. And, this may be an impossible goal, but we'd like to see the city remove the roadblocks they have thrown up to block live music venues. That's it. Hopefully we can decide on a name relatively quickly and then figure out what our first action as a group will be to help further these goals. So if you're planning on coming or maybe would like to be involved in the future, start thinking inside that box.

I did some fun stuff this weekend, including private room karaoke but I need to go do some more work and maybe I can post about it.


Anonymous said...

hey, did you do the private room karaoke here in Sac? at Rulala? or in SF?

it is sooo fun.

my favorite is all the crazy taiwanese and other language karaoke going on in the rooms right next door.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about not being able to be the minutes taker tomorrow, but it'll be interesting to see what the city plans for development of the Alkalai/Mansion flats area. When I get my shot at providing input, I'm going to probably stick with saying I hope the developers help maintain Sacramento's title as City With The Most Trees Per Capita In The Country. I'll let folks know what they already have planned and how it is progressing.


Anonymous said...

Nothing to do with nothing, but does anyone out there have some CDs I can borrow? I want to put stuff on an iPod. Mostly soundtracks.

John Willams - Star Wars, et al, Indiana Jones.

Enrio Maricone - spaghetti western stuff

Akira Ifukabe (sp?) - Godzilla

Dueling Banjos

And some random neat stuff like The Seeds and other 60s pop stuff. Velvet Underground, Boyce-Hart (Monkees), Lee Hazlewoods "Sand", instrumentals and other weird stuff of that ilk that can be considered "safe for public consumption".

The men's room stench is mostly gone.

Anonymous said...


I can loan you the Eyetalian/Bollywood/70s Porno/Blaxploitation soundtracks, VU, Hazlewood, 1960s Mexican + Cambodian rock n roll, etc....

Sacramento Appreciation Society of San Francisco

Stephen Glass said...

If you're going after the Ennio Maricone soundtracks from the spaghetti westerns, don't forget (if you can find it) the music from the sadly much-overlooked "Once Upon a Time In The West" or his bizarrely great score to the very, very little-seen "Duck, You Sucker."