Wednesday, October 31, 2012

burgers n' weed

I like Ngaio's new weed column.  He's a good standup comedian too, although I've seen him do a really similar act at least 4 times, including once at Shenanigans that about 4 people were watching, which seemed to make him pretty mad.  I'm going to submit a question right now.  I'll let you know if it gets answered.

I used the Nationwide coupon from the SNR on Sunday.  I love Nationwide! I don't like to argue about the perfect burger because I believe there are different perfect burgers for different burger moods.  This is my neighborhood burger mood.

Speaking of coupons, not just to shill for the SNR but the issue with Jerry Brown on the front, which I think is still out, has a ton of good coupons.  Some of them don't expire.  I think I will use the 2 for 1 Hamburger Mary's one, just like I lived on in the old, super poor days.  I love HM's fries.  Love! Fun burger fact: I have never eaten anything but a garden burger at HM's.  I have no desire to eat their mystery meat.


beckler said...

Jeez, Davis, would it kill you for one person to dress up? What a bunch of duds.

ninja said...

what does the Nationwide coupon get you?

beckler said...

If you buy a French Ground Steakburger (I love that phrase), two fries, and two drinks, you get a free French Ground Steakburger. I think the Bee has another coupon that the guy said was an even better deal.