Monday, October 01, 2012

food and art

 food and art pictures today.  here is the chicken dish from Red Rabbit.  It was good, but don't you think it's time to move on from summer vegetables? I am sick of them.  But it is still as hot as summer.
 I cannot get enough of this egg burger with manchego.  Vega egg!  And a nice-sized green salad can be a free substitute instead of fries. With green goddess dressing.
 There is always some Chinese joint in the gas station directly across from my work.  The first one that I know of was Hometown Cafe, which has some Taiwanese specialties. They got props from Corti once in print and were successful enough to get a place on E st. in Davis.  Now it's Gold Something and it seems to be Shanghainese.  If that's how you say it. Nice dumplings.  Pictured above are the pork and cabbage. Those were some thick, homemade wrappers and were a tiny bit underdone, which is probably not typical.
 The guy told me to order the spicy wontons, which were garnished with chile oil and dried shrimp.  I got like 26 big dumplings for less than 12 bucks.  I ate so many!!
 I went to the Steve Hansen fundraiser at Hot Italian.  Their pizza is pretty good.  The bartender mixed me a refreshing Campari spritzer.  How can you not vote for a guy who would commission campaign signs from a bunch of local artists. Don't remember who this is.
 Nate, obviously
 not sure
 Ianna Frisby
 Gipoa Fonda
 um...Speaking of art, went to see the Cindy Sherman show at SFMOMA and I am still meh on her.  I saw the Film Stills at the MOMA a jillion years ago and was not impressed then, either.  A big gripe of mine is that they in no way resemble film stills to me.  That's not a small gripe since the usual copy on the series is how much they evoke film archetypes.  What archetypes? The housewife who has spilled her eggs archetype?  And film stills are often an action scene where something is happening, often with more than one character.  Would they really just be a woman sitting on a wall? Who would want to see a film because of that?  She has obviously been very, very influential but her work does nothing for me.  Her later stuff of society women is called either cruel or compassionate according to who is talking but I just see artifice and makeup.  It distracts.  And don't get me started on the clown series.  That's some juggalo shit.  It's not original to say that birthday clowns are sad or creepy.
New lamp from Scout Living! I love it.  I want to start buying this kind of hard 70s looking stuff (think slimy bachelor pad or Terence Conran) before it gets too expensive.  I was buzzed shopping which is dangerous. This lamp was 65 and it's very solid and well-constructed.


DJ Rick said...

Already dreaming of Chinese food?!?!

Anonymous said...

That's a great price for that lamp. I don't need to tell you what you'd pay for something similar down here (unless you got lucky).


PS. My captcha is "borschtdog." That's my new nick name for you.

DJ Rick said...

The price for that rad lamp reminds me....I wanted to share that I discovered during my recent weekend in Fresno that some of the antique stores there are full of cool stuff that is ridiculously under-priced. I thought about keeping the secret to myself, but since Fresno might seem otherwise worth avoiding, it seems that Fresno's pretty good at keeping its own secrets. Actually, the best-priced stuff in Fresno is all haphazardly arranged, dangerous to negotiate around, and takes a lot of patience to sift through.

Anonymous said...

it's worth going all the way to Fresno just for the Chicken Pie Shop - getting other junk too would be a bonus!


Anonymous said...

The good old Chicken Pie Shop where the coffee taste like tongue despressors and the secret ingredient in everything is: salt, lots of salt.

ps. the pie shop can be seen in the 4 eyes movie "frezno bros" or what ever its called

DJ Rick said...

If you chase a tour of the Forestiere Underground Gardens with dinner at DiCicco's, that's worth the drive to Fresno and back, too. Brunch at Oaxaca the next day, and it's even more worth it (even after factoring in the fright of spending a night there).

beckler said...

wow, fresno is the talk of the town! I was just talking to Ianna and Gioia about Stan Bitters' sculpture there and they brought up those underground gardens. I still feel kind of sheepish that I didn't go in when I was outside the place. We had just missed the start of the long tour.

DJ Rick said...

Tours every hour on the hour in late morning through afternoon. But they close in Nov-March. It was 102° the day we were there. In the underground garden, it was 70°.

The other incredible thing about Fresno is that it must have the coolest/weirdest public art of any city I've seen, from bomb graffiti pieces to bizzare sculptures and murals on the awesome Fulton Mall (which they are threatening to pave over!).

Liv Moe said...

Fresno is the best! There's that bomb-ass trapped in time party store, great thrifting including that one whole block of side by side thrift stores, the chicken pie shop, Stan Bitters, etc. etc.

A friend just sent me Lorraine Forestiere's obit. She rode horses standing! Now I'm really bummed we didn't take the tour.

As for Cindy I'm ambivalent. No opinion except to say that I am enjoying the unflattering purple Mac lipstick her society women portraits inspired.