Thursday, October 11, 2012

leetle joke

How stoked am I for the new bike lanes downtown? Really stoked.  Even though the lines are not painted in yet, it's already way better to ride G st up to 16th, where the bike lane used to start.  9th and 10th are like a dream.  In fact, I am so stoked that I cannot even contemplate anything that is going on in the presidential race. I'm all like Pee-Wee Herman style, where I plug my ears and go "lalalalala" until it goes away.

Hear ye, hear ye, I am now proclaiming that I am absolutely going to Leap in the Dark tonight, despite my five hours of sleep.  Since I am saying it, if I were to not go I would be revealed as an old lady who never goes out anymore, which I am decidedly NOT.  So come party down with me, and bring me an adderall or vicodin so I can stay awake. Ha Ha I guess I am joking. 


Anonymous said...

I was gddy with joy after my ride home in the 9th st bike lane.


Enjoy your big night out grandma, I will be at home sleeping.

Anonymous said...

That up there is me, Natalie.

Anonymous said...

i got larry to do a special set of weird stuff after the bands..should be a fun night, and the 1st really cold night of october..its all downhill from here on out. puttin my reggea records back on the shelf

mike c

beckler said...

I did go, got home at one. Pretty fun. I think everything is too loud, honestly. What's that saying "if it's too loud, you're too old"? Larry's set was awesome, the trebly oldies that TM was playing I could definitely do without. I would have loved to hear some soothing reggae. Peggy Benks was awesome!! What a set of pipes that lady has! And she opened with Still The Same by Seeger. FUCCKCKCK that song is so amazing. I don't even LIKE Seeger in the least.

Anonymous said...

Still the Same is no Night Moves.


DJ Rick said...

Melissa's boss at her previous position at Dept. of Social Services was a backup singer on "Still the Same". The group that backed up Bob on "Still the Same" was called Brandye. There's a couple of cool funk/disco nuggets on their 1978 LP. Her ex-boss sometimes can be seen singing at hotel lounges here in Sac.

Anonymous said...

HOLY CRAP THANKS FOR THE FOOD AND MUSIC! We're having a big to-do for Turkey Day at Scollan Ranch, so lemme know if you and Smiller wanna join us!

-The Neighbor

PS- I may or may not have had 1/2 a banana bread loaf for dinner last night.

beckler said...

cool! On Thanksgiving we just do the bike ride and usually dinner at our house so we would love to stop by.