Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Foxworthy style

The Grateful Dead night did not live up to my dreams. It was almost entirely taken over by yelling about the 49ers game. I mean, there was a lot of overlap between football fans and Deadheads, but still. And the Rubicon had absolutely nothing good on tap. I did get the idea for a Jeff Foxworthy-style bit (see above, this clip is awesome because of the girl laughing in the background, also the TV joke is one of my faves, classic)  called You Might Be A Deadhead.  I need some help, please.  Here's my only one right now:
If tie dye is your favorite color...you might be a Deadhead.

Also not impressed with the Golden Bear in general.  Any defenders out there?


Anonymous said...

Cue NM on the Golden Bear defense. I have enjoyed their porch when the bro ratio is low.

also, did you see this?
Gonna be rad!


beckler said...

yeah, I wrote a little thing for the SNR. I'm stoked.

DJ Rick said...

I'm with you on Golden Bear. I've tried a few different lunch menu items. It's always been pretty good and somewhat revealing a potential for greatness, but there's also always one aspect of the feed that is holding it back from being really good. At these kindsa prices, pretty good is a ripoff. Even just really good is kind of a push. Didn't they lose their hyped chef a while back, too?

captcha: squirty 18 (?!?!?!)

Anonymous said...

Agree with Guphy about the empty front patio at GB. It's good for bringing the dog.

Their "hyped chef" is Billy Zoellin at Bacon & Butter.

Here's my GB secret: Friday nights, back bar, when Calisterio runs the show. Stumbled in two Fridays ago around 11PM, it was slamming but I was able to easily make my way to the back, where it was quiet, so I settled up to the bar and enjoy a couple cocktails before moving on.


undercover caterer said...

I have enjoyed the GB patio in years past. And I did like Billy Zoellin's menu when he was there, and at that time the prices were pretty low. I think I'm just too damn old for it now. It's just pretty fucking annoying most of the time.

Went to Hook and Ladder a couple of weeks ago and it's got potential. My cocktail was superb. Nice back patio. Pricy though---but maybe just pricy enough to keep the bros at bay?

Anonymous said...

I went to Hook and Ladder on Sunday and it was a little hit or miss on the food I think. The soup was amazing, but there wasn't a lot on the menu that I wanted to eat. Lots of heavy and meaty things. I liked the decor and the patio and they had a small, but nice beer selection. I had an Anderson Valley saison, which I didn't even know existed.