Monday, October 22, 2012

rare hand-screened Bananas shirt

Don''t miss out on the auction for the rare Vintage Bananas shirt on ebay.  It is currently going for 21 bucks with 10 bids.  Hand screened is a pretty funny claim.  Like, as opposed to factory screened?

English Singles have two shows this week the one of Friday is at Poleline house, which is a new house to me.  If anyone wants to take the train to Davis for this show, I can probably pick you up and take you there and  be designated driver home, so people let me know.  I have room for a few, and this will be a good show.  House shows are the best! 

On Saturday they're playing in Stockton which is pretty darn cool but I don't know if I can go because I have a lot of writing to do.  This is my way of breaking this to smiller.

 I am bummed to miss Phil's thing at the Midtown Village Cafe this Friday because Christine Shields is playing.  As I've said before her  LP is super good (hope she brings some to sell) and it is PERFECT for today's weather.  In fact I will listen to it when I get home.  I harnessed the mighty power of the News and Review this week to promote his Friday night gigs, which one.  Sigh.  Is everyone just turning straight to Ask Joey?

Speaking of the SNR, I was soooo surprised that The Grange has quietly gotten really good.  I want to try their ribeye with red wine butter.  I have had some really crappy meals there before the new chef, including a mediocre breakfast and a dinner with the weirdest service I have ever experienced.  They literally left the menus on the table in the way the entire dinner, which took at least two hours and our large table spend hundreds of dollars and did not get any attention and was not even able to flag down a server to take our order.  It was complete chaos.  I have a huge soft spot for the Citizen and Grange there since we stayed there before and after our wedding and woke to a room service breakfast sent by the most thoughtful friends ever.  Also, the bartender is great there although the drink list is totally boring.

Wow, I again missed Screature by about 20 minutes.  It's like god (or the devil) is causing me to miss this band. 


Ol' Man Foster said...

Remember when Cinemania had the picture of Ask Joey with a gun to her head in the front window? God I miss that place.


beckler said...

When you insult Ask Joey you insult me. I challenge you to a duel.

Anonymous said...

I like Joey's new photo.

If the Bananas shirt that was stolen out of my car by a can huffer ever shows up on ebay, I will freak out. But we all know it's wadded up and covered in carpet cleaner somewhere.


beckler said...

That's too bad because it's ebay gold: 21 bucks with 11 bids.

On a different note: Does anyone know what is up with the mysterious Wong Family Benevolent Association on Broadway? There seems to be some beef going on. There's a big sign saying "members in good standing only" and a legal document that seems to be trying to keep some members out.

undercover caterer said...

I liked your review because I felt the same way about it. I want to REALLY like it, but it's a little staid for me. They cook well but it's just a little boring. The chef is a really nice guy though, I suppose it must be a little stifling to cook hotel food. I should go there for brunch.

On the Wong Center thing--I need to remember to ask around at work, I have wondered too.

Anonymous said...

Sortilège: malheur.

Anonymous said...

I think its a gambling hall, and that sign is kind of like a "right to refuse service" to people who owe money.

Ol' Man Foster said...

crystal meth at 20 paces!