Tuesday, October 23, 2012

KZAP radio commercial from 1985


undercover caterer said...

Ha! I totally remember this one.

beckler said...

me too! my dad had a kzap cat sticker on his blue nova, even though we lived in redding. he is from north highlands, though.

speaking of north highlands, it is so crazy! in many ways. I am going to review a place there, and was trying to research my memories of the velvet hammer to make sure it was there, and when I googled it Dave Smith's entry on his ancient blog came up as the number one hit with this (so cool! check out these bar names!!)


undercover caterer said...

Those names are priceless. Someone needs to resurrect some of those. I still have my old stereo from when I was a kid out at my dad's house--you know, the ones with the radio unit on the bottom with a turntable on top with the plexy lid? There's a nice big KZAP sticker right on the front. I want to bring it home but I have no real use for it other than looking cool.