Friday, October 19, 2012


Lotta good stuff going on this weekend.

Phil Franklin's night at the Midtown Village Cafe, starts at 8, 1827 I st, donation.  Peggy Banks will sing, and boy can she belt 'em.  It's pretty amazing.  Then Buk Buk Bigups, which I think is just Phil and Aaron  now?

Tomorrow, Four Eyes show at Naked Lounge on H st (wow, lots of walkable shows for me!), uh oh, 8 dollar cover.  Sac is too cheap for an 8 dollar cover.  Me and smiller fight about this a lot.  He thinks all shows should be 5 bucks or donation.  I think all shows should now be 10 dollars since this is the cost of one mixed drink or one sandwich these days.  To put my money where my  mouth is, I will pay two dollars extra at this show.  Luckily, smiller does not read this blog anymore so I don't have to worry about this irritating him.  It's his version of letting yourself go after you get married, which is fine because I wear yoga pants about 80% more than I used to.  They are cute ones!  I predict that someone else will be irritated by this paragraph, though.  My point is, and I have argued it here before, that's it's not fair for show prices to be stuck at 5 dollars for the last 25 years just because of the existence of five dollar bills.  If 8 dollar bills existed that is what shows would cost.  Who could argue that that is fair?  And yeah, bands could make more merch but not every band is a band people want to wear tshirts for and not every band can afford to put out records.

Sunday is the True Crime thing at the Sac Living Library series at Time Tested.  It is going to be off the chain.  It was in the Bee and we know the mighty  power the Bee wields with the white hairs.  I would love to go but I never feel like doing that on a Sunday and I predict one would have to get there early to get a seat.  Maybe they should move to a bigger venue?  OMF has a strong personal interest in true crime, as do I. 


beckler said...

I now try to take review notes on my phone to be less conspicuous, but my touchscreen is really small, here's a typical note:

voidii orgabist thwermib doorguy it was fun. Fill mom sixed hole david lynch karaoke.

jesus, why don't I just rely on memory? I'm afraid to, but then I don't actually encode any memories because I am taking notes on my phone the whole time. Gotta stop. Maybe right after I should just step outside and voice record. I think I will.

ninja said...

The 4 eyes show tomorrow is at like noon or 1pm. early bird special. Start the party at 1pm and go to bed by 7:30pm! day rage show!
The headliner on the show (minibosses) players really great surf versions of songs from video games. the other band (gnarboots) has the guy who wrote that piece about us in the SNR that we talked about at the Blue Lamp show. now how can you not go?

Anonymous said...

I was under the impression that Miller was annoyed that shows still cost 5 bucks? Seems like he's flip flopping on the issue.

$5.00 in 2012 had the same buying power as $3.06 in 1992. I don't really think that price really reflects on the turn-out of a show. I mean, we get the same turn-out if a show is free or $8.00, i.e. very little.


DJ Rick said...

One of the great things about not booking shows anymore is that I don't feel obligated to write an essay here right now about the inverse relationship of paying showgoers vs. dollars over $5 cover pricepoint.

Now I save this lesson for when we're talking about tacos for $1.25 versus $1.50 and every quarter increment above that.

Anonymous said...

I'd be happy if people were willing to pay more than $5 but all signs point to that not being the case. So really I'm against $8-$10 shows that are priced that way because that's how it SHOULD be. But shows at this price range are most always empty and, thus, they suck.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure this has been more than apparent to others for some time, but it hit me like a ton of bricks a few days ago. IT'S REALLY BORING WHEN RICK ISN'T BOOKING WEIRD TOURING BANDS. That's not an attempt to get you (Rick) back in the game, I'm just processing it in public.


ninja said...

Re: lunch time 4 eyes show on Saturday

much better turn out than expected. The Minibosses have been around 25 years and pulled in a lots of nerds who were willing to pay $8 to get in and premium prices for their merch. Around 400 bucks went to the bands. The Minibosses were amazing.

beckler said...

I know, I feel like I've been going through the 5 stages of grief without the Rick-booked shows. I'm pretty much at depression right now. Acceptance is going to take a while but I'm hopeful I can eventually heal. Perhaps we should restart the Jandek club and work on our feelings while we listen.

Liv Moe said...

I'm really glad you and OMF share an interest in true crime. Perhaps you can debrief him on last night's proceedings as I have warned him how little I need to hear about Richard Trenton Chase drinking dixie cups full of blood.

Ol' Man Foster said...

Worst band name suggestion inspired by last night's Living Library: 'Dorothea's Garden'

Best factoid I didn't already know: Gerald and Charlene Gallegos were on trial (separately) for the Miller/Sowers murders. Her lawyers told her they needed to know all the details in order to properly defend her. She told them how they'd done it and the lawyers were pretty shocked- they asked how she'd agreed to go along with the murder. She said, 'we'd already done it eight other times.'