Monday, October 29, 2012

We Blow Dumb

All right, I wouldn't normally post a picture of myself not wearing pants but I'm pretty proud of my Halloween costume considering I only thought of it the day of the party I was going to.  He played in Oakland on Friday so I'm sure I'm probably not the only one who thought of it.

DUDES! The Rubicon is bringing back their Grateful Dead night in honor of their 25th anniversary! Tonight! I'll be there.  I'm hoping it's so successful that they bring it back as a permanent feature.

English Singles had an off-the-chain show on Friday at the Pole Line house.  This is a great new house.  Well, actually the show was completely off the chain before the Singles played, and then the cops came and then half the people left, and then they all came back just as the Singles were ending.  Typical Singles luck.  However, the kids still went crazy and hoisted Smiller aloft while he was singing.  He reclined and looked very casual


Anonymous said...

This costume is 100% top notch!

Natalie Rose said...

That costume is just so good.


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